Democrats Get Religion & Take Political Prisoners

By: Ken Hughes

It seems every religion is represented at the Democratic Convention in Denver except perhaps the followers of Darwin, and they were on the outside looking in and being watched. Unlike previous Democratic conventions religion seems to be one of the focal points at this convention. That isn’t exactly true this time the religion of decent seems to be unwelcome. The city of Denver at the direction of the DNC constructed a special secret stockade in downtown Denver to accommodate protesters [only.] This will be the first time in convention history where accommodations for political prisoners [protesters] are being made in advance. I for one find this Obama [change] scary as hell.

Barack Obama is becoming a master of the use of smoke and mirrors to try and sell his brand of snake oil to the voters. In a recent speech Obama blamed the president for the credit crunch in the housing market. Congress not the president controls legislation regulating credit. Obama blames the president for jobs leaving America, Clinton not Bush signed the NAFTA bill. After years of Americans using cheap fuel we now have to pay world market prices. This has nothing to do with the president it has a lot to do with the restrictions congress has placed on drilling and refining for the past quarter century [plus.]

I wonder if it would make a difference in most congressmen’s vote for off shore drilling if they knew Viagra contains oil

What will Joe Biden bring to an Obama ticket, controversy to be sure? Joe Biden isn’t one to read from a script, Joe Biden is a man of very strong convictions, Biden has never let political wisdom overshadow his personal opinions. When he reads the tea leaves he’s able to see beyond the politics of the moment. Joe Biden is capable of addressing the issues of the day while Obama can only discuss what he perceives to be the issues of the day. In other words Obama makes it up as he goes along.

Biden is a plus for McCain, Joe Biden and John McCain are pillars in Washington politics, Obama is less than a novas he’s a preschooler. The rest of the campaign can Easley become a race between Biden and McCain diminishing Obama’s roll to a point it could create obvious tensions between Obama and Biden. Obama is in over his head and doesn’t realize it nor do his supporters.


Blacks have been the most subsidized minority group in America and have done the least with the advantages they’ve been privy to. Can the American voter avoid the whining blacks have been doing for years and not question a black’s qualification to lead the nation? The first blacks came to America with Columbus, Cortez, and Coronado as freemen. Pedro Alonzo Nino [a black Protégées] was the navigator on the Nina one of Columbus’s ships. These were men with ambition and courage. Rather than take advantage of opportunity these days the majority of incarcerated prisoners are men and women of color. The majority of the unemployed are man and women of color, the majority of high school drop-outs are boys and girls of color. Most children of color are born out of wedlock paid for by the taxpayers. The majority of recipients of taxpayer handouts are men and women of color. Can this all be because white Americans made it so or have blacks contributed to their own misfortune?

Political Correctness and a guilty conscience goes a long way to sooth the savage beast of discrimination, the question is will it reach all the way to the Oval Office? Obama is half black and half white. He’s chosen to promote his black half over his white half. What Obama has failed to recognize there are still more of us than there are of them, [if that’s a racist remark I plead guilty.]

I freely admit I’m a racist, I’m proud of being a White American, not over being black but I’m not ashamed of being white and not black. White Americans must walk a fine line not to offend minorities, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Orientals and others but who gets offended when whites are disrespected, where are our protections?

Somewhere along the line from the original concept of “All men are created equal” and now things have gotten messed up. Obama sure as hell isn’t going to put things back together with his socialist ideas. History warns us to beware of one mans change.

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