In Case You Missed It Obama’s Change Is Biden

By: Ken Hughes

Obama’s change came when he chose Joe Biden for his Vice Presidential running mate. Joe Biden has always been his own man so to speak, he won’t be an Obama lackey for long. There’s nothing in Biden’s past to suggest he isn’t qualified to be a vice president, there a lot in his head that suggests he’ll be a vocal vice president. He may be so vocal on many of Obama’s issues he will be a detriment to the Obama administration, [if there is one.] Obama has deliberately avoided including congress in his plans for Americas future or as he calls it CHANGE. Biden knows Obama isn’t going anywhere in his quest for change without the backing of congress.

Obama holds no IOU’s from any congress person that will gain him advantages in negations with congress. Biden does but will he use them to advance Obama’s causes? This is will be a question.

It isn’t going to be America that changes, it’s going to be Obama when he’s forced to recognize there are 535 other members of government and 300 million citizens with an equal say in what changes. He’ll be in for an awakening such as he’s never seen before.

Fifty years from now Obama would have to take tests to prove he’s not a robot. Obama is the quintessential example of pre-programming. His entire persona could have come from back stage workrooms of a Disney Production. Why this mutation of a man was painted brown is a question, did its creators think it would add to the character of the robot, [if Obama is just a robot?]

It sounds ridiculous to suggest Obama is just a robot, it equally ridiculous to suggest Obama is a Messiah as has been stated. I doubt Obama could walk on water or part the seas as the profits of old supposedly had done. Obama can’t make the changes in America the way he’s been preaching to his loyal supporters. What led up to an Obama style presidential candidate becoming so popular? There’s a simple answer, propaganda.

In the presidential election of 2000 Al Gore was presumed to be the victor long before the elections ever occurred. There’s a thing called the Electoral College they determine the ultimate results of all presidential elections. Democrats weren’t satisfied with following the constitution as written by the founding fathers they took their complaint to the Supreme Court of the United States and lost the challenge. For the next eight years Democrats trashed the Bush administration even though the public as a whole supported Bush. A hypocritical congress supported the Bush administration with most of what they requested then went to the Media complaining saying Bush is wrong. This strategy was supposed to work in the 2004 presidential election. Democrats were convinced they’d win. They didn’t the public still had confidence in the Bush Administration and he was reelected.

Democrats have distorted the facts so long they no longer know fact from fiction. Democrats have painted themselves into a corner that will be hard to dig there way out of. They’ve created a vision of America that doesn’t fit the facts. Now it’s up to them if they are the successful winners to find ways of correcting their errors in judgment. How can they improve what has proven to be about the best we can expect of America?

For the first time Mr. and Mrs. America are being heard via the internet, talk radio and cable pundit call in communication. Every man or woman who runs for president becomes suspect, subject to serious scrutiny. The American people are willing to overlook a few indiscretion of the candidate, the media isn’t. The media are like buzzards on road kill, they don’t stop until the last bone has been stripped.

Up to now Obama has been the darling of the media, now he can expect to become their victim. The media will go after Obama to an extent that will make him question why he ever decided to run for the presidency.

Obama has avoided discussing family up to this point. The Media has people digging for information in Hawaii, Jakarta and Kenya looking for the lost members of Barack Obama family and they will find them and tell their stories.

Jimmy Carter was an alternative to the Nixon corruption. Barack Obama is an alternative to unfounded allegations and fabricated data of eight years of the Bush administrations success.

Is Barack Obama just another Jimmy Carter in a preacher’s garb? Can Barack Obama overcome his obvious disrespect for the American Flag, or his friend Reverend Wright saying God should go to Hell?

Some things are not above Obama’s pay grade.

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