Four Weeks of American History I Thought I’d never See

By: Jack L. Key

There is a story in my local paper of a US Navy ship arriving in a Georgian port on the Black Sea. Almost three weeks after the Russian invasion of the tiny country, an American warship finally arrives—to deliver baby food, bottled water and assorted foodstuffs—and tissue paper. This to a war-torn friend and ally who has been invaded by a world power.

A guided missile destroyer, it carried nary a Marine or fired any weapons. Commanders waited until the Russians had left before sending ANYTHING. As a former Navy man, I’m embarrassed. The largest blue-water Navy in the world—and the costliest–and we deliver baby food and toilet paper!

Meanwhile, Georgians bury their dead while a portion of their country is still occupied by Russian armed forces. Congressional Democrats didn’t even interrupt their summer vacations and President Bush had only harsh words for the Russians—who did as they wished anyway. American media dismissed the invasion as a “political event.”

Yesterday the 2008 Olympic Summer Games drew to a close—in communist China. The communist Chinese won more Gold Medals than anyone with the USA taking more overall medals. The Chinese also won a huge propaganda game—the American media couldn’t shut up about how great China is.

And the US had a person murdered on the first day of the games by a crazed Chinese Communist man full of hatred for all Americans. This from a nation that killed thousands of U.S. marines and soldiers in the Korean War—and that has never signed a peace treaty or apologized for invading its neighbor to the South.

The Chinese secret police had the whole thing hushed up in a few minutes and all eyewitnesses were never heard from again. The American media present reported it in two sentences and then ignored it. All athletes too were silenced. Can anyone tell me the name of the American murdered, and how—or why?

The United States—the world’s great superpower—is now a third rate power. China and Russia—number one and two—have shown both their power and aggressiveness in a matter of days. The U.S. has shown its bark to be much worse than it’s bite, and that it cannot be trusted by its friends and has no stomach for confrontation or a fight.

Now this week the Democrat Black Socialists and Leftists Convention gets underway in Denver, CO. The half-black Anointed One, Barack Hussein (Barry) Obama is expected to be nominated later as the first black Muslim Democrat candidate for President in U.S. history. But the Great One has yet to prove he’s even a Native-born American or a citizen—but he’s a “sworn” US Senator—and the media has “anointed” him to be president!

Meanwhile, it was reported that the great white Catholic socialist Ted Kennedy may be already in Denver, awaiting an adoring crowd. Make no mistake—this is not the Democratic Party of Roosevelt, Truman or Johnson, or even John Kennedy. Moderate Democrats may well never survive after this convention is over.

I grew up during the “greatest generation,” as it has been called, the one that made America into the greatest industrial and military power in the world, and the one that defeated the then-worst evil that ever walked the earth and brought us victory in World War II. I was a child then, but I remember the hunger and desperation of the “great depression” and the fear and sorrow of the most catastrophic war in history.

When I joined the US Navy in the 1950’s as a young man I was proud of my country and proud to serve it as a member of the greatest naval fighting force ever assembled on the globe. Dwight D. Eisenhower, a great leader and WWII General was President, and most politicians in Washington loved America. You would not have recognized the media then– it was pro-American and anti-Communist (or so it said).

My, how things have changed!

Old Joe Kennedy made a fortune in Florida cut-rate department stores, rum-running from Cuba and bootleg whiskey and eastern politics. But he was a quasi-capitalist, not a socialist. When son Jack Kennedy won the Presidency in the 1960’s he said “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

You can bet the socialist Ted Kennedy who shows up at this “convention” will NOT deliver his brother’s same message.

And so I’ve seen and heard these past few weeks what I never thought I would from my countrymen and from those who claim to represent us as a nation. I suppose you could say I’ve seen it all—or as much as I would want to see—during my life. The country I see now has no semblance of the one in which I grew up. If my parents and grandparents were alive, tears would be in their eyes and disbelief in their souls.

President Ronald Reagan once said “ Politics has been called the world’s second oldest profession. I have learned it bears a striking resemblance to the first.”

America today represents much of what I despise—socialism and communism, lack of character, spineless politicians, arrogant, racist blacks, a controlling and biased media, free-loading illegal immigrants, scam artists, drug dealers, dishonest businessmen, abortionists, political liars, religious cheaters, unkept words of honor and government unreliability for our friends and allies. It seems our lack of respect has fallen even onto ourselves. We are, as has been said, “A country most foul.”

This despite our rich history and noble ancestors who fought and died for our freedom and liberty and the Constitution put in place by the founding fathers. This is the season of rhetoric—of paper promises and sunshine patriots, of boastful exploits and false claims, of power-hungry politicians and backroom warriors. See it for what it is, and look for a deeper meaning that, God willing, can be to the credit of us all.

So please pardon my bad commentary—it has been a bad few weeks. But I’m afraid those bad weeks are just a beginning—and I am deeply concerned. And ashamed.

Jack L. Key, Ph.D. is an author, writer and retired healthcare professional. He is also a veteran of US Navy aviation. Contact: or visit:

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