Definitely a Keeper

By: Patti Bankson

It’s simply “thrilling”. And so-o-o-o California. I’m talking about that state making Gay marriage legal. There, at least. And, at least, for awhile. There will be challenges, so it’s a definite, “We’ll See”. In the meantime, what I’d like to see challenged – a challenge that’s way over-due – is a court’s ability to totally ignore the will of the people in a matter. This one or any other. 61% of California voters had already said No, to legalizing gay marriage; Yes, to continuing to define marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Sadly, of course, far too many one man, one woman marriages don’t survive much longer than some of the protests for or against them. But maybe that’s because we’ve gradually chipped away at its foundations: fidelity, commitment, self-sacrifice, tradition. Yes, I know that even in the “good ole’ days” (whenever that was), not everything was as it appeared to be. Certainly, not everything was perfect. There were people who didn’t know the meanings of those words even then. Or, if they did, they chose to ignore them. But, for those who chose to do so, there used to be a consequence: society frowned. Society said, “Shame, shame”.

But now, that frown has been turned upside down and our society approves (whether tacitly, or otherwise) of just about any kind of behavior, no matter how abhorrent, vile, crude or harmful to the individuals doing it, those in the path of the trickle-down, or to society as a whole.

When did the frown get turned upside down? Was it when news outlets decided it was okay to slant their reportage? Like they’ve done regarding the CA gay marriage issue. ABC News reported: “First legal gay marriages lead to protests by anti-gay activists.” Channel 8 in San Diego reported: “Gay Marriage Foes expected to rally at County Administration Building.” Are they deliberately trying to manipulate our minds and emotions, or do they really not understand that wanting to keep the traditional definition of marriage doesn’t make you “anti-gay”? Maybe we just want the definition of marriage left alone. What’s wrong with that? My guess? It makes it a little harder to paint those of us who don’t want marriage re-defined as “hateful and militant”.

Maybe the frown got turned upside down because too many people didn’t know the meaning of some other words: Integrity. Character. Values. Morals. In fact, if it weren’t so detrimental to us as a whole, it would be funny to listen to some of the talk about morality and values. Maybe “funny” is the wrong word. Maybe I should say “laughable”. Maybe if people who actually understand those words would speak up…. quit smiling, when they should be frowning…. quit approving when they should not approve… quit sacrificing their valuable morals at the altars of music, movies, TV and YouTube…

I get that we no longer live in the age of Ozzie and Harriet, and The Cleavers. Time passes, things change. I have no problem with that. But just because we’re in a new age doesn’t mean that everything from the “old” age should be thrown out. A lot of it’s still worthwhile and still of great value to us all. Marriage, as defined by God, and tradition, is certainly one of them… definitely a keeper.

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