The Mile High Temple of Obama

By: Ken Hughes

And just when the Democrats had convinced us all the God’s were dead and gone a new temple has been constructed high in the skies of America built to worshiper Obama the God of Change. If the façade weren’t presumptions enough there’s the dry ice collected to create the elusion of clouds the God of Change [aka Obama] will walk through to view his loyal devotees from on high. Do those persons choreographing Obama’s rise to power think such opulence is in his best interests or have their own egos gone mad?

In earlier days political conventions were held to present the party platform and to select a nominee, they had meaning they were the epitome of democracy in action. Now they are little more than a testimonial party to a pre-selected group of candidates. The few manipulating the rights of the many isn’t what our founding fathers had in mind when the created the first democracy in the history of the world officiated by “We the People”.

Mans ambitions greed and arrogance makes them do things they know are wrong yet they often justify them for what they elude themselves into thinking is for the greater good. The problem with the greater good is who gets to decide and who gets to comply with what’s perceived to be the greater good.

The Temple of Obama is testament to how far this arrogance has come. America has seen some truly great presidents in the past, few are credited for their greatness. It isn’t what a president promises the public nor what they ultimately deliver, it’s the good they accomplish it’s what comes after that makes them great. Barack Obama seems to be trying to establish his credibility even before he may become president.

This next president will be the 14th I’ve lived with. With the exception of Jimmy Carter I can’t think of a single one less qualified for the job than Barack Obama. Obama brings nothing to the job with the exception of a multitude of changed positions on nearly every one of his original programs. Obama can’t seem to hold a position on anything nor will he admit his change when it’s obvious it’s been his decision not an advisor / staff members. The only change consistent to Obama is his ability to change when his audience changes or when a focus group report goes against him. I think it can be referred to as one [for] column A and one [for] column B. Put them together and what we have is alphabet soup to try to make something of that has any meaning.

Republicans will use the Temple of Obama to their advantage, Democrats may be impressed by the sheer chutzpa involved in this display of an over zealous attempt to present their candidate. The American voter isn’t that easily impressed, their looking for more substance than style. Obama is totally without any experiences in any field except politics and very little there. Hustling bucks for underachievers in a Chicago Hood hardly qualifies him as an economics expert. The real challenge to Obama is coming when the general campaign gets underway. So far Obama has been playing to his own audiences, now he faces the real challenge of a presidential campaign, the voters from both parties.

Now it’s up to the voters if they want substance over style. They can go with McCain and his years of experience in every phase of government or they can go with the person who came to them from a replica of a Greek Temple through an artificial cloud of mist that surrounds the phony world of Barack Obama.

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