McCain-Palin A Hit!

By: Jack L. Key

I thought it might be Governor Sarah Palin all along!

John McCain has made the pick of the election—if not the decade in his female Republican VP pick. In one sweep he checkmated Obama’s ego speech of last evening as well as the stumbling Clintons and bumbling Biden! He has blown minds from Times Square to Broadway, to Washington Square to Capitol Hill and to the White House.

As I studied the other possibilities for VP I kept coming back to Governor Palin. She brings to the campaign and to the American people not only a credit to herself, her politics, her family and her state, but a complete fit for John McCain as President and for the people of the United States as a down to earth, one-of-them type leader.

The others on McCain’s VP list have much going for them as well. Many can be a terrific help to President McCain as he appoints his cabinet and fills out important posts in his administration.

To those who questioned McCain’s judgement and his ability to find top candidates? I rest my case.

No matter how many storms or hurricanes may bluster and blow before the Republican Convention, nothing can surpass this fine choice. If the convention needs to be rescheduled because of pending emergencies or evacuations, then so be it. The convention could never have surpassed this VP pick anyway.

Obama has been outclassed again—can anyone remember what he said in his acceptance speech anyway? Only the overstuffed press and media coverage kept the Democrat convention alive. I can’t remember a duller DNC get-together, and I’ve seen a lot of them.

The entire DNC Convention reminded me of a children’s birthday party—complete with ice cream and plenty of cake and laughter—and crying!

This cool lady shoots straight, and is a go-getter. Governor Palin is honest, attractive, the mother of 5 children and has a hard working husband who compliments her. She is a fast learner and diligent worker. My only hope is she has a thick skin—because the loonies will be shooting at her from every nook and cranny.

Look for her to be attacked from every side by Soros and his kind as well as the writers and commentators from the NY Times and the weekly attack rags like TIME and NEWSWEEK—not to mention the western weirdos and Hollywood types. Just goes to show she’s the right person for the job!

Oprah, this one ought to bring tears to your eyes! FOR SURE!


Jack L. Key, Ph.D. is an author, writer and retired healthcare professional. He is also a veteran of US Navy aviation. Contact: or

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