Which Came First?

By: Patti Bankson

Rumor has it that the Democrats have found some kind of “savior” in Barak Obama. Maybe they don’t actually believe that’s who, or what, he is, but you have to know that they’re definitely hoping. And, you have to know that they know that he’s their last, best chance to return to the White House for the next 4, or more, years.

While it’s not possible to read someone’s mind, it is possible to make assumptions based on what you see, and what I see in Barak Obama is a man who is more than happy to embrace the idea that only he can save everyone and everything. If I hadn’t seen that in him before his campaign trip to Europe, I wouldn’t have been able to miss it afterward. Making his speech in Berlin, he looked and sounded like a man who thinks he’s running for King of the World, instead of President of the United States.

Those who support him talk about how important that trip was because (1) he needed to show that he has what it takes to function on the world stage, and (2) he needed to get back some of the high regard with which our country was “once held” by the world.

Okay. He definitely knows how to make a speech on the German stage, and how to dance on Ellen’s DeGeneres’ stage. But his time on the French stage showed that he could use some help in the area of protocol. After their President spoke and Obama spoke, instead of turning it back to Sarkozy, Obama began to decide how the rest of it should go. Uh…. if I’m not mistaken, the host… in that case, the leader of the host country… is the one who sets the agenda and makes the decisions. Maybe that’s not how they do it Chicago. Maybe he truly forgot he wasn’t in Chicago. Maybe he truly forgot he isn’t in the White House, either. Whether there should be a “yet” added to that sentence is way beside the point, which is… he’s not in the White House!

Maybe little things like protocol, good manners, knowing the difference between being “merely” a candidate for the presidency, and actually being the President don’t matter to those who back him. But, if there’s anything behind the supposed dislike “the world” has for us, the alleged “bad reputation” we have across the globe… you know, that old “Ugly American” thing? … perhaps, it came out of just that kind of pretentious arrogance.

No, I won’t be voting for Barak Obama. Not just because he’s a Democrat, and not just because of the things I’ve mentioned here, but because I see in him someone who doesn’t have the experience and judgment to lead his party, much less this country. And because, above all else, I see someone whose core beliefs and values, I suspect, may turn out to be far different from what he proclaims publicly.

Only time will tell whether Barak Obama truly can save everyone and everything, politically speaking. Only time will tell whether he is who, and what, he says he is, or whether he’s simply speaking politically. And, ultimately, only time will tell which came first, the Man or the Politician? The Politician or the Man?

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