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September 3, 2008

Is Sarah Palin McCain’s Trump Card

Filed under: Elections & Voting,The Republicans - 03 Sep 2008

Sarah Palin is the epitome of the American frontier woman. Perhaps she isn’t as conservative as Reagan but she isn’t as liberal as McCain. While McCain is the international warrior Sarah Plain’s experiences are more in the realm of domestic …

Since Media Won’t Help, Time for McCain to Really Exploit His Stance on Iraq

Some how, the Old Media has missed the good news on Iraq. On August 27, the Rasmussen polling organization published a poll that showed American confidence is at its highest level ever in support of the War on Terror …

Obama and Domestic Terrorist: Ad Campaign Examines the Relationship

Filed under: Politics In General,The Democrats - 03 Sep 2008

While GOP Presidential hopeful John McCain introduced his new running-mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, American Issues Project wrapped up its first phase of a television advertising and issue campaign, which called into question the long-standing relationship between Barack Obama and unrepentant …

McCain Nixes Old White Boys, Goes for Real Change in Sarah Palin!

Filed under: In The News,The Republicans - 03 Sep 2008

John McCain’s announcement concerning Sarah Palin as his running mate has sent Team Obama and the mainstream media into comatose shock, a malady from which they may not fully recover until well after November 4.

Liberal Talk Host Sentenced to 7 Years for Kiddie Porn

Filed under: Crime and Punishment,In The News - 03 Sep 2008

Bernard “Bernie” Ward, 57, a San Francisco resident who worked as a radio talk show host and was a frequent Fox News Channel and CNN guest representing the liberal-left viewpoint, was sentenced on Thursday to serve 7 years in federal …

Michelle Obama’s on the Man that Would Be President

Michelle Obama: “His family was so much like mine.”

Fact: Barack Obama’s father, a Harvard trained economist, fathered eight children by four different women.