Is Sarah Palin McCain’s Trump Card

By: Ken Hughes

Sarah Palin is the epitome of the American frontier woman. Perhaps she isn’t as conservative as Reagan but she isn’t as liberal as McCain. While McCain is the international warrior Sarah Plain’s experiences are more in the realm of domestic achievements.

Sarah Palin has been a city counsel woman, a two term mayor, and the governor of the largest [geographical] state in the union. She’s been the head of the Alaskan Oil Conservation Commission. She pushed through legislation to build a natural gas pipe line from the North Shore through Canada to the lower 48 states. She’s been able to share the profits of oil production with the citizens of Alaska in the form of cash payments rather than wasting them on bridges to nowhere or sending them to Washington.

Sarah Palin has her original husband and five children, one in the military headed for Iraq, one a victim of downs syndrome, [no partial birth abortion there.] The Palin’s admit to deep religious beliefs but refuses to discuss or use them to their political advantage. Palin is a member of the NRA and is an avid hunter along with the rest of her family.

As the Governor of Alaska she provides her own security by carrying a gun. Mr. Palin is a commercial fisherman and avid sportsman. He is often joined by his wife and family at his job.

There was a sharp contrast between Barack Obama’s acceptance speech and Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech. Barack Obama went trough a diatribe of things he intends to do to the Citizens. Sarah Palin went through a litany of things she has already done for her constituents. Sarah Plain will be a fresh face in Washington, You can bet she’s woman enough to handle herself with the worst of the providers of doom and disinformation, [aka the National Media]

The American Voters haven’t elected a candidate from congress directly since John F. Kennedy. This election has three out of four candidates coming from congress. The fourth and the exception is Sarah Palin who’s never served is any capacity in Washington. She’s never served east of the Conventional Divide. She’s in the purest sense of the word untainted by national politics. Or to put it another way the stink of Washington has yet to rub off.

When the Obama supporters speak of the lack of opportunity in America they don’t have to look far to find it. Sarah Palin grew up in a small suburb of Anchorage. From her early days she was a strong competitor in sports as well as academics. She earned the nick name of Sarah Barracuda for her fierce completive stance on the high school basket ball court. In many of the challenges she’s faced over the years she came in second. Sarah said she could be proud of being second, it’s better than not being there at all. Sarah’s rise to the position she’s attained didn’t come easy. In 16 years Sarah Palin has worked her way up from a council member of a town with a population of 5,000 soles to the state governor’s office and now to a vice presidential nomination.

The losses Sarah Palin suffered were never personal they’ve always been political. Her marriage to Todd Palin and her children are solid as a rock. There is no hint of any indiscretion in her life or that of Todd Palin. Todd Palin has his moments in the spot light. He’s the seven time winner of the Snow Mobile races in Alaska as well as competing in and winning Dog Sled racing. It may not sound like much down here in the lower48 but in Alaska it amounts to his being a Rock Star.

Sarah Palin will reinforce the McCain campaign by using her vast experiences in domestic affairs and let McCain take care of the troubled world. Obama is going to need Biden to guide him through all phases of the presidency due to his lack of experience.

Sarah Palin may very well be the card in the deck that makes McCain the winner in November, [Let us pray.]

Those on the other side have mixed emotions. Hillary Clinton came out with a sincere endorsement of Sarah Palin without commenting on their political differences. Many on the left have expressed praise for Palin’s accomplishments. Others on the left are calling her inexperienced, window dressing etc. Those are the same people who feel on their swords for John Kerry. And fail to recognize inexperience when it flies in their face.

There’s little question now that Sarah Palin has been bitten by the presidential bug. Win lose or draw she’ll be around for a long time. America hasn’t seen this much political skill and determination in a woman since Eleanor Roosevelt traveled the world as Americas Ambassador of Peace.

Has Sarah Palin taken the shovel out of Hillary’s hand? Will Sarah Palin be the first woman to be elected president? McCain said more than once he’ll be a one term president. That puts Sarah Palin in the Cat Birds seat for 2012 to become the first woman president, [Let us Pray]

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