Why Sarah Palin Matters

By: Guest Authors

By Chad MacINNES

The McCain camp’s announcement of Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) as his running mate could not have provided a more stark contrast to the Obama-Biden media love fest just endured in Denver. Amid the inevitable speculation by media types over who would be McCain’s pick for VP in the hours before the announcement, there was a very noticeable lack of the same type of intense hype and hoopla of the Obama Campaign’s leading up to their 3:00AM text message announcing Joe Biden – the only possible choice after he made it abundantly clear that it would never be Hillary.

Lets face it: if everything that Obama and the Democrats were saying were true, Obama would be killing McCain and headed toward a landslide. A Gallup poll reported August 30 that Obama leads McCain 49% to 41%. Obama has some post-convention momentum, this is true, but momentum does not equal substance; and without substance there is only empty hype, and that is exactly what the Obama-Biden ticket is behind its claims of hope and change. If you want real hope and change, look to McCain-Palin, because this bold choice of choosing Sarah Palin for the number two slot on the Republican ticket matters a great deal and will have positive consequences that will reverberate through the halls of Washington D.C. for many years to come.

If you think about it, you can well imagine the party bosses joining in with McCain’s advisors in pulling their hair out while collectively shrieking a blood-curdling “NOOOOOO!” upon learning of McCain’s intention to name Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential running mate. I am quite sure you could hear that same shriek coming out of the Obama camp, because Palin embodies everything Obama claims, but isn’t. And after all, we all know that the first electable woman VP or President just HAS to be a Democrat because they’re so diversely unified, right?

Obama claims to be the agent of “change” yet chose a running mate who has been in the U.S. Senate since Sarah Palin was nine years old. That’s change? To be fair, Obama really does believe in change. He wants to change how much money hard working Americans are allowed to bring home. He wants to change the tax system so that even more of your wealth is redistributed. He wants to change to a government run health-care system that will take care of all Americans – one need only look to how poorly the VA medical system cares for our veterans (of which I am one) to see how disastrous this plan for change will turn out. Most disturbingly, and this is a crucial issue for traditional God-Country-and-Constitution loving conservatives, Obama would change our collective understanding of God to be One who has no place in the public arena (except when running for elective office) and Who would sanction racism, and socialism, and would condone the senseless slaughter of newborn infants in hospitals named “Christ.” THAT is how Obama would change America, and conservatives know it.

In marked contrast Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air to a Republican Party that has all but lost its way. Indeed, it also says quite a lot about McCain. If nothing else, it shows the conservative base that he is still ready to listen – and he heard us loud and clear! And he did what is best for the country in choosing Sarah Palin. Why? We all know what the Constitution says and what it means. So does Sarah Palin. We all know that big government doesn’t work, and so does Sarah Palin. In fact, she has actually done something about it – unlike Obama – by saving the state of Alaska millions of dollars by selling state owned executive aircraft, disbanding a security detail she didn’t need, vetoing pork-filled bills from the state legislature, and actively leading the charge as a champion of real ethics reform – to the extent that she all but obliterated the old-and-corrupted Alaskan Republican machine and defeated an incumbent Republican in the gubernatorial primary. That’s change.

She has spent the last two years making the tough executive decisions that Obama cannot know or understand, because he has never made them. A former state senator has nothing at all on a governor. She turned down hundreds of millions in Federal pork projects for the waste that it is – the same type of earmarks that Senator Obama brought to Illinois, to the tune of over $1 billion. She has not endeared herself to oil companies because she holds them accountable environmentally and financially. She is ardently Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment, Pro-Constitution. She is a working mother of five who did not attend a privileged Ivy League school or receive special favors to achieve what she has. She did it all the old fashioned way – she earned it. Every bit. That’s change.

Sarah Palin gets it. She is a traditional conservative who understands us because she is one of us. She also understands very well what is at stake, and that is presumably why she accepted McCain’s invitation to join him on the Republican ticket. She is one of us, and knows better than most just how far the Republican Party has strayed from its core principles in recent years: just ask her about her dealings with the Bush Administration and “Fedzilla” interfering with her states’ rights, and the battles she has fought with them over the issue of drilling in ANWR, among other things.

She knows that she is in a position to galvanize the conservative base and to ultimately reform a party that has drifted so far to the left that it doesn’t even know what it stands for anymore. She knew she had to accept. She knows that she has to take a major role in shaping the future of a great nation at a crucial moment in its history. For this greater good, she is willing to make many sacrifices and bear a heavy burden. For America. She is a leader, unafraid, unapologetic, and undeterred.

Why does Sarah Palin matter? Why is she so important? Because not only could she be the factor that keeps Obama and his socialist agenda out of the White House, but she could be the only one who can bring true conservatism back to a Republican Party run amok with misguided ideals and compromises and that is at times indistinguishable from the Democrats.

As far as the experience question goes, I’ll take someone who has served two years as governor after working her way there. Every now and again throughout history comes an unknown individual who becomes a great leader because they answered their country’s call and rose to the occasion. Lest we forget, practically no one outside of Missouri knew who Harry S. Truman was until FDR died.

Sarah Palin is the right choice. She has the substance and doesn’t need the hype. She will rise up to meet the occasion destiny offers her. Perhaps it is our time that has come, Mr. Obama? And just think: in 2012, wouldn’t it be something if the first woman President of the United States were a conservative Republican? But for now, all conservatives need to rally the troops and the wagons around the McCain Palin ticket to fend off the attacks from the Left, for we know that the Left will bash her – they have to, because she is everything their candidate is not.


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