A Chicken in Every Pot

By: Patti Bankson

Well, Hillary-ites didn’t act up at the Democrat convention. They pretty much behaved like the “good little girls” they were raised to be, and things moved on smoothly from Denver’s Pepsi Center to the Disney-like finale at Bronco Stadium… um, Invesco Field.

The huge crowd certainly loved him. But, what’s not to love? Besides the visual, there’s the smooth speech that contained what they seemed to love most of all… the promise of A Chicken in Every Pot and a Car in Every Garage. And more.

It’s difficult to criticize all those promises without sounding cold-hearted and stingy and… soooo Republican. After all, Republicans are the heartless, greedy crowd, who don’t bleed when cut, and who don’t get it when it comes to average, working-class Joes and Janes, right? While on the other hand, Democrats are heart, all heart and nothing but heart, who don’t even need a cut to bleed, just a moving story. They alone can relate to the above mentioned Joes and Janes. If you, like I, have ever wondered why that is, Obama had the answer: “We (Democrats) are the party of Roosevelt. We are the party of Kennedy.” Of course! Roosevelts and Kennedys…those struggling, working-class schmoos. Give me a break.

I kept watching that quivering mass of adoration and asking myself, “Who are these people [who support him]?” Can’t be the rich, because turning nothing into something successful, creating jobs and wealth, requires someone smarter than that. Someone smart enough to realize that voting for a candidate who promises to raise your taxes is dumb. Can’t be the middle-class, because they’re in the process of doing what the rich have already done, and they’re smart enough to know a tax increase could stop them dead in their tracks.

Guess that leaves the “gimmes”. They don’t pay taxes, so why should they care how high taxes are, or who pays them? Politically incorrect maybe, but that’s the way it is. A whole bunch of people out there want our government to be “Big Daddy”. And if there was any doubt left in anyone’s mind that Obama plans for his administration to give them what they want, that speech should have laid those doubts to rest. The liberals have made their economic plan quite plain: Robin Hood. Steal from the Rich. Give to the Poor. The irony to me is that our politicians aren’t poor themselves. Not only not poor, but the majority of them have not “worked” a day in their lives. I’ll start believing they “feel our pain” when they’re out there plucking chickens, working on the assembly line at a factory, emptying septic tanks, cleaning bed pans, driving a school bus, flipping burgers, mowing lawns, hauling goods cross-country, picking apples, etc… and not for just a day as part of a campaign or PR photo op.

Meanwhile, we feel your pain, too. We understand…. sitting on your butt all day is tiring, glad-handing & schmoozing are exhausting, and “ruining” a country is taxing. Maybe this will help: remember Jerry Maguire’s… “Show me the money”? Well, how about, “Show me the blisters”? ‘Til then, keep your soft, manicured hands off my money and quit deciding who has enough stuff, and who has worked hard enough, or not, for that stuff.

By the way, are all those promises in the Constitution?

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