Democrat Operatives Vow to Cause Palin to Resign

By: Sher Zieve

Appearing on Fox News this morning with Megan Kelly, former LT. Governor of Maryland Michael Steele advised that he has viewed emails from Democrat operatives—possibly affiliated with the Obama campaign—stating that, until she resigns, they will continue a non-stop smear campaign against Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin. It would appear that Obama either cannot or is not inclined to reel in his radicals. The latest, reported yesterday and confirmed by FNC this morning, is that leftist Democrats have released Palin’s Social Security number to the public. And their leftist alphabet network media continue the attempt to disembowel Palin with their own non-stop attacks against Palin and her family. In my lifetime, I have never seen such a blatantly anti-female campaign—and this from the party that claims “tolerance.”

Note: We who still retain the ability to think for ourselves already know the Democrat Party has never practiced tolerance—except for Democrat anarchists.

A big problem for the Democrat Party appears to be the fact that, as the Governor of Alaska, Palin enjoys an 80% approval rating. She is also extremely smart, is said to be a very fast learner, actually lives the values she purports to support, is a proven reformer and has been called a fierce competitor. Note: None of these qualities—in a Republican woman—are considered acceptable to the Dems. But, these latest leftist attacks—which appear to be escalating—have truly gone beyond the pale.

I’m guessing that the next step for these Democrat radical operatives (as they have already employed many of his tactics) will be to—somehow—bring Joseph Stalin back from the dead.

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