ABORTION: Blame Libs, not Misguided Moms

By: Guest Authors

“Applauding Bristol Palin”
By Jen Shroder

We have been sold a load of hooey, strategically convinced our children were merely disposable lumps of cells. We were young, impressionable, barely out of our mother’s arms, wanting to feel “grown up,” we bought it hook, line and sinker.

Condoms? Sure. Birth Control Pills? You betcha. As boyfriends hounded us to “put out,” liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood came right alongside and assured us it’s the adult thing to do with a wink and faulty devices. They received funding to skillfully guide us, contributing to the corruption of my young friends and I. We threw away a precious part of ourselves that should have been honored.

After holding so many trembling hands of friends as we waited to hear their name called to the abortion table, it was always my plan to abort if need be. It was the logical choice, it’s just a petrie dish of cells, right? But when my number was up, I couldn’t do it. Against liberal protests, I gave up nine months of my life and delivered a son whom I gave up for adoption. I had the immense honor of meeting him two years ago, when he returned from Afghanistan after fighting for our country in the Air Force.

Nine months is NOT a death sentence! But you wouldn’t know that from organizations like Planned Parenthood. I have a dozen girlfriends who never married, are over 40, Prince Charming never came and they now grieve the loss of their aborted children. Some have died of broken dreams and alcoholism. None of us realized the consequences of sitting in the waiting room of the free clinic giddy with laughter and thrilled at being so “grown-up.”

Don’t blame women that listened to their teachers and the clinicians they were sent to. We were young, impressionable, excited to become women and told condoms were part of it. Pregnant? No problem…step this way. Our children were murdered by misinformation and all we were trying to do was blend in. Teens today are victims of peer pressure and liberal brainwashing by pro-abortionists like Obama, Biden and Pelosi with their cleverly packaged “progressive” ideas corrupting our youth and butchering our babies. Abortion is murder. Anyone that votes pro-choice has blood on their hands.

One look in my son’s eyes and my knees go weak at the thought that I could have legally shred him to pieces while the clinic sold the body parts. This son, this precious man, after fighting for our country will now be left shouldering the burden of social security and medical bills of liberals who slaughtered their own and convinced us to as well.

As lib attack dogs criticize Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, for an unplanned pregnancy, I applaud. That young lady is a hero in a world where liberals demand the death of unplanned children while trying to point shame at a woman that walks the walk for life. I am proud of you, Bristol Palin, and I know my son is too.

Jen Shroder is founder of BlessedCause, an organization dedicated to restoring sanity to our public schools and exposing the Islamic indoctrination of our textbooks and required prayers to Allah. Shroder has been interviewed by Fox News, Associated Press, and dozens of talk radio hosts and news media. “JenT” may be conversed with at http://forums.hannity.com/ or at jentstays@gmail.com

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