Palin Can Fix the Party

By: John Bender

I really didn’t expect to be writing this column. I didn’t think there was anything McCain could do or say to get me to vote for him. I was NOT going to vote for another liberal Republican. I’d had enough and wasn’t going to waste my vote again. However, his pick of Governor Sarah Palin to be his V.P. changed that.

Governor Palin is not just a superb pick for Vice President. She is the person we need to clean up the Republican Party and move conservatives into control instead of the big government liberals who are the Republican establishment and control the party now.

Voting for McCain puts Sarah in a position to move conservatives into bullpen positions ready to take over from the big government people McCain will undoubtedly appoint. It puts her into a position to be the first woman President in 2012 giving us the first conservative in that office since President Reagan. That prospect is enough to change my vote from a third party to McCain.

After four years as the first woman Vice President of the U.S.A., Governor Palin will be the odds on favorite to become President. Then if Sarah can avoid the mistakes President Reagan made of taking a liberal for her V.P. and appointing big government establishment Republicans to office, she can become one of the handful of truly great Presidents the country ever had.

Governor Palin knows how to cut the government and how to fight the entrenched liberal establishment of both parties that so love the big, bloated, intrusive, government they run. She fought and beat the Republican establishment in Alaska as well as beating a former Democrat Governor to win her office. That was good training for what needs be done in Washington.

I’m under no illusion that McCain has changed, although, I do admit to being optimistic that Governor Palin will be a good influence on McCain and move him to the right. But we can’t get Vice President Palin without taking President McCain and the trade off is worth it.

This opportunity is too great to pass up. We need to work to get Governor Palin elected and that means voting for McCain too. I’m ready to do just that. I’ll vote for McCain/PALIN in November. I urge all conservatives to do the same.

John bender is a freelance writer living in Dallas. He is a past staff writer for Ether Zone and his columns have appeared in various web publications as well as print publications.

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