Things You Can’t Say About Barack Obama

By: Ken Hughes

Sarah Palin is finally setting this McCain campaign on fire. She made a few off the cuff humorous remarks directed at Barack Obama. Normally these would have been taken as nothing more than political rhetoric. It seems Obama isn’t so inclined he spent most of today countering Sarah Palin’s spoofs. Joe Biden the seasoned and wiser of the Democratic candidates knows the way to silence a critic is applaud there remarks and move on. It obvious Obama’s ego won’t permit a slight to go unchallenged. I think Barack Obama changing barbs with Sarah Palin he’s in way over his head. A quick wit isn’t something professional handlers can teach it comes naturally.

In my 77 years I though I’d seen it all but I can’t recall a time when the Media immediately set out to destroy the reputation of a candidate by attacking the family. Attacking a teenager is despicable enough but picking on a special needs child is a new low for the media and those who support the Obama campaign. To suggest in these days of enlightenment a special needs child should have been aborted or euthanized is a new low even for Democrats.

Barack Obama’s main constituents, the African American community 70 % of children are born out of wedlock. And for this Hood mothers are awarded with government subsidies, that reeks of a double standard or perhaps no standards in my opinion.

Bristol Palin’s pregnancy isn’t the only double standard Democrats are practicing. For over 20 years Hillary Clinton was hailed as the first woman to qualify for the presidency of the United States. She was hailed as a woman of vision, it was a given she’d follow George Bush into the Oval office. Along comes an Oreo cookie, [vanilla on the out side and light chocolate on the inside] and knocks her of her pedestal. She was further slighted when she wasn’t even considered as a vice presidential running mate. I’m sure as Hillary bit her lip held back the tears she had more than a few silent expletives for Barack Obama.

If the country feels the need for a black in the Whitehouse elect John McCain he has an adopted daughter Bridget who’s darker than the Obama’s. He’ll bring her along and she qualifies just as much as the Obama’s.

In her first important speech Sarah Palin was challenged beyond anything a small town politician could expect. Speaking before nearly 40 million people world wide her teleprompter failed her.
She went on to give one of the best speeches of either of the Campaigns. Barack Obama was credited with his eloquence. Sarah Palin was exemplary with her humor and down home wisdom. Barack Obama wowed the elitists and the Washington Gentry. Sarah Palin connected with the American voter she showed every young person and their parents what can be done with personal confidence a loving support group and perseverance.

After her acceptance speech there isn’t a politician in either party that wouldn’t pay Sarah Palin for lessons how to present a political campaign address. Barack Obama and Joe Biden would do well to pay attention to signs that read “Beware of Pit Bulls wearing Lipstick.” There’s no question Sarah Palin is a force to be reckoned with. It’s also obvious she can handle any criticism thrown at her or her family. The more the opposition trash Palin the more people will gravitate to her support. Palin has given the McCain campaign a much needed shot of credibility. The candidates have 60 days to prove their cases. On the one hand we have a man who makes promises on the other hand we have a man who fulfills promises. On the one hand we have a man who dreams of coming accomplishments on the other hand we have a man of many past accomplishments. Do we dare trust the future to a dreamer of accomplishment and reject a man of accomplishment?

I know how important it is for each of us to exorcize our right to vote. I was an expatriate living in Central America when I became old enough to vote. I arrived back in America 10 days to late to cast a vote in the 1952 elections. I had to wait until 1956 to vote for the first time. I lived in a country where voting was mandatory and counting votes correctly was arbitrary depending on who the Generals wanted to win an election. Like John McCain says you don’t know how important voting is until the right is taken from you. I arrived in America in mid November after several years absent. I stood on the deck of the ship in New York Harbor in the early morning hours watching the fog lift. Off in the distance the Statue of Liberty appeared through the mist. That was my gut wrenching introduction to America a moment will never forget. I vowed then to become a part of the political process and in over 50 years I’ve never wavered. I know what it is to be both an observer and a participan
t in the political process. I was visiting Cuba when the Castro brothers were preaching change.

This election is unusual in that three of the four participants come from congress. They advocate change when the facts are they are the ones who crated the problems they wish to change. Presidents can only approve or reject laws passed by congress. Congress create debate and approve laws, President have the final approval they have little to do with the crafting of legislation. There are very few things presidents can do that don’t require the participation of congress.

Before you cast a vote think how higher taxes, more regulations and more government mandates are going to improve your lives. Ask yourselves what the government will spend the additional tax monies on and how it will benefit you your family and your neighborhood. Small business industry and individual incentive are the fuel that propels America to greatness not government interference

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