Palin To Obama, Take Two Prozac and Call Me in December

By: Ken Hughes

Barack Obama seems to be having a problem with McCain’s choice of a vice presidential running mate. No sooner had McCain announced Sarah Palin than the left was off and running trying to discredit her reputation. Sarah Palin came as a total surprise to the Obama camp they knew literally nothing about her. At first they had to make it up then later they began to put the pieces together. Most of what they found was rather mundane, perhaps a little exceptional for a mother of five but this is Alaska and exceptional is often viewed as mundane by Alaskans.

Not even John McCain could have foretold the effect Sara Palin would have on the campaign. It seemed it was as if the sun rose in the west for the first time. Sarah Palin is a ray of sunshine in what was becoming a campaign surrounded by foggy rhetoric. Barack Obama was taken totally by surprise, how could McCain dare do something so bazaar as nominating an unknown and especially a woman to be his running mate? This was the year Democrats where to have all the politically correct advantages. Obama had even considered rewriting one of Frank Sinatra’s old song titles to use as his campaign slogan, “You’ll Do It My Way” some one advising him felt that would be a little too much.

It’s taking the Obama choreographers a few days to get back on message. First they were responding to Sarah Palin’s snide remarks about Obama’s past qualifications. They have now switched and are suggesting the Republican Convention didn’t address the problems of the middle class. They didn’t have to they were speaking to the middle class. Both Obama and Biden are over six foot tall they automatically speak down to their audiences. McCain and Palin aren’t quit so vertically challenged so they’re able to look their audiences in the eye and go one on one.

Then both Obama and Biden suffer from the Washington persona of elitism. McCain is above that and Palin doesn’t have a clue what the hell congressional elitism is. In Sarah Palin’s Alaska there are a lot of guns and a lot of wide open spaces that makes for a lot of mutual respect. Let’s not forget Alaska is the new Old West

Since Sarah Palin’s appointment Democrats are beginning to look like Olympians on a trampoline. They can’t seem to understand how a woman with five children can possibly feel qualified to join them in the nation’s capital. What would she eat Walrus blubber, where would she sleep in a Caribou robe, would she and her children urinate in the rose garden? There are more questions about the Palin’s than when those hillbillies the Clintons came to town. Don’t these people understand there’s a culture in Washington that stems from years of hard work and close scrutiny? Washingtonians believe you can’t let just anyone in the neighborhood lest it become contaminated with normality.

I pointed out to one of my Liberal friends if she were worried the first serious black candidate would be refused lodging in the Whitehouse she shouldn’t worry. John and Cindy have a black adopted daughter whose been living in their house for 17 years. A tooth brush and a short trip across town and she’ll fit right in the Whitehouse.

It’s normal for the Media and Pundit to find cracks in all politicians’ armor. There isn’t much about John McCain that can be ridiculed. He isn’t a racist or anti-semitic, He doesn’t beat his wife and children, he treats the family pets nice and he gets along with the neighbors. About the only thing derogatory Democrats can accuse him of is being a Super Patriot, of having suffered the ultimate sacrifice for the honor of his profession and country.

I was thinking of some of the Revolutionary Hero’s and what they said. What if John Paul Jones had said “I’m not about to fight” If Paul Revere had said “We’re saved the Red Coats are Coming”. If Patrick Henry had said “Screw liberty I want to live”. If Ben Franklin had waited for government grants before he invented any of the many things he’s responsible for? I think if they were around today we can assume they would all be McCain / Palin supporters.

Today we find Sarah Palin a remarkable woman who strives to accomplish. There was a time in the west when all women had Sarah Palin’s grit. The women of Montana and Wyoming had the right to vote and hold public office a quarter century before the eastern elite allowed their women the same privilege. The early pioneers were all about change, changes they worked for, not changes they didn’t just think and talked about.

Barack is an academic with un-proven theories. He thinks but doesn’t know if what he proposes will work. Recent history tells us Market Economies work when government gets out of their way. China had a government run economy half century ago. When the free enterprise system was instituted China moved into a leading position as a manufacture among the nations of the world. As most countries move away from socialism Barack Obama wants to bring America closer to it.

I’m not sure Barack Obama understands if he becomes president it isn’t a license to do what he likes. There’re still 535 other elected officials who voices must be heard. Barack Obama is intoxicated with a dream, a dream nurtured by his Liberal Black friends in Chicago. Those same friends have turned on every African American [including MLK] who had the same dream before him and they’ll turn on Obama.

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