A Hockey Mom Strikes Fear into the Messiah

By: Randall H. Nunn

The selection and nomination of Governor Sarah Palin as the Republican candidate for Vice President has generated unbridled panic on the left. Senator Obama and the liberal media are terrified of the McCain-Palin ticket and are pulling out all the stops in their attacks on Governor Palin. And all of the attacks boil down to one thing—Governor Palin is a “commoner” and not entitled to high office because she lacks any elitist credentials.

The leftists in this country are infuriated that the expected coronation of the most liberal person in the U.S. Senate may not come to pass. Instead, a strong young woman steeped in the traditional values that made this country great is reviving the conservative revolution. Ain’t life wonderful?

The mainstream media has removed all doubt as to where it stands. The mainstream media is unabashedly biased and, let’s be honest—it is corrupt. When the media tries to dictate the results of a national election by withholding information from its citizens and selectively reporting the facts, it is surely as guilty of election fraud as someone who attempts to buy votes or stuff the ballot box.

The frenzy we are seeing in the mainstream media today is aimed at smearing and destroying Governor Palin before the momentum of the campaign can build and become unstoppable in the next two months. Such a goal is not a legitimate function of a free and open press.

If it were not for talk radio, the Internet and the generally fair and responsible people at FOX News, we would all have the choices of the mainstream media forced upon us. Some of us would not realize that we had been propagandized into thinking and doing exactly as our elitist handlers want us to think and do. Others of us would have doubts, but who to take those doubts and give voice to them, without fear of being ridiculed and shouted down? And still others might actually resist the collectivist juggernaut and be branded as dangerous enemies of the state in need of counseling and reeducation.

Thankfully, there are alternative sources of news out there and Americans now have a voice and a champion who came along at the right moment in history. There is change in the air—and it is nowhere near the Obama camp.

The initial assault on McCain-Palin is to portray Governor Palin as an unknown with no real record of accomplishment who is not ready for the responsibilities of being vice president. Stop and think about the ridiculousness of this attack, given the lack of experience of Senator Obama.

Theodore Roosevelt, generally accepted as one of our great presidents, was 42 years old as Vice President under President McKinley, when he was elevated to the presidency. Roosevelt had two years as governor before that and not quite two years as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Palin’s more than two years as Governor of our largest state and prior service as a mayor is comparable.

John F. Kennedy was 43 years old when elected President and had no real executive experience, having been in the U.S. Senate for 7 years and the U.S. House for 6 years.

How can it seriously be argued that Roosevelt and Kennedy were unprepared for the presidency when their prior experience was roughly comparable to Palin’s? If Sarah Palin could lead as Governor of Alaska and accomplish as much as she has, all the while raising 4 children, aren’t her capabilities as great as men who have done similar things but without the equivalent family responsibilities? And let’s not forget that Palin is running for the office of Vice President (something Vice President John Garner said wasn’t worth “a warm bucket of spit”)—not the presidency.

The attack on Palin is a calculated sexist attack disguised as a debate about qualifications. The majority of Americans simply will not fall for that once the voices of reason and fairness point out the very obvious flaws in this argument.

What is really exciting conservatives and the Republican base is the thought that they finally have a courageous and articulate spokesperson who is not intimidated by the mainstream media and the various left-wing lobbies and special interest groups.

We are about to engage in a two month campaign that promises to be as exciting as anything we have seen in a long time. We owe a debt of gratitude to Senator McCain for having the courage to lead this fight with such a ticket. If we are fortunate enough to elect the ticket, maybe we can finally break the monopoly power of the mainstream media and once again allow ideas and discussions to flourish in a free and open environment. Free and independent people do not follow messiahs for long—they follow leaders who share their ideals and values.

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