Already a Hero

By: Erik Rush

“This pioneering Alaskan may just be the one to lead her party out of the wilderness.” – Investor’s Business Daily on Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin, September 4, 2008

And indeed she might be. Around 40 million folks tuned in to the festivities at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul on Wednesday, September 3, according to Nielsen Media Research. That’s about a 28 million more than those who watched the Democrats’ hyper-boganza (“bogus extravaganza”) on any given night of the previous week.

As most readers are aware by now – the show at the Republican convention (as well as that of the Democrats, come to think of it) was stolen by Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin. “How will she handle it?” wondered supporters and detractors alike. “She has to say this…She has to say that…She has to cover this base…She has to present herself as…”

Well, she said this and that, covered all the bases and then some, and presented herself as favorably as was possible, better than any imagined – although a few might have expected such. This columnist was reminded of the women he knew as a child – strong, independent ones who were nonetheless quite “in tune” with their femininity, as social psychobabblers are wont to say.

In addition to addressing nearly all of the key questions Americans had, rendering the unknowns known, and enlightening all too precisely who the Alaska governor is in unequivocal fashion, she succeeded in making Democrat presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama look like Steve Urkel – a comparison I’ve made before.

It was a good day to be a conservative. Not only did Palin accomplish all of the above, she delivered a message of indomitable spirit and solidarity. Palin offered hope to conservatives that traditional values and the “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” attitude were still alive in America amongst at least some seeking high office.

It’s a strange dichotomy; a segment of America believes that the Democrat presidential nominee is something special though he’s done nothing but speak. Sarah Palin has become an instant hero, though – in the greater scheme of things – she’s done little more than speak.

Or should I say “instant heroine?” Somehow, I think not. Though perhaps the term might be more appropriate semantically in that Palin proved women had been doing and having it all long before liberals came along, “hero” has a better ring to it. Why not take the opportunity as well to rub their faces in the more androgynous term they likely prefer?

Having Palin be the one to Urkelize Obama – though he seems to miss few opportunities to do so himself – was a stroke of genius. Although it is not atypical for candidates accepting the nomination to focus on other things and leave the opponent-bashing to surrogates, Palin was able to cut loose – but with class – because she is a woman. The ever-present perception of women as downtrodden in the minds of liberals, though Palin certainly doesn’t fit the bill, precludes the accusations that would certainly fly had an evil old white guy in a suit mopped up the floor with Obama.

Once again, we were also treated to yet more corroboration that it is the far Left who are America’s haters, as opposed to their so-accused adversaries. Governor Palin shone in her speech and has carried herself with grace despite having been slimed more by the establishment media in one week than has any woman in the public eye with the possible exception of the late “Queen of Mean” Leona Helmsley. It has long since become evident that American voters detest these calumnious machinations and react accordingly (by withdrawing support for progressive candidates), yet, like bratty urchins, those on the far Left simply cannot help themselves.

The puke-gutted Bolsheviks in the establishment press have apparently lost all shame and sense of vulnerability. While they have shielded Barack Obama from scrutiny regarding the most serious of charges, they have no qualms whatever toward dredging up the most paltry issues with respect to Governor Palin, her past and her level of experience.

Look for the far Left to continue to slander Palin and turn over the soil in attempts to find something sufficiently unpalatable about her to force McCain’s choice of another running mate – which would certainly cost him the election. Don’t discount the possibility, however, that another bone or two might yet fly out of Obama’s closet. One might actually be the bone that breaks his campaign’s back.

Leading the Republican party out of the wilderness is a tall order, but one that has to be done if the party is to retain its base intact, regain credibility and regain preeminence over the far Left-controlled Democrat Party. For if socialists have hijacked the latter, internationalists and invertebrates have hijacked the former. Neither of these represent nor reflect the values of the American majority; it is only our ennui that has facilitated their ascendency. Calculated action and awareness of our civic responsibility are what will reverse this trend, and we have stellar example in the personage of Sarah Palin. She got involved – now see where she is and how many she has inspired already. There’s our road map.

Erik Rush is a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. (

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