Biden Says He Won’t Be Obama’s Attack Dog

By: Ken Hughes

For 30 years we’ve seen Joe Biden tear those who disagreed with him to threads. I’m sure he never considered them attacks, he was just responding in kind and you can damn well expect he’ll be doing it on the campaign trail in the next 60 days. Joe Biden’s survived congress for 30 years for a reason and none of it involved his being timid when challenged.

Sarah Palin made a few clever references about Barack Obama in her acceptance speech. Now the media is blowing it all out of perspective, they are suggesting her entire speech was a hatchet job on Obama. This was not the case and Joe Biden knows it, he isn’t about to get caught in a trap he can’t get out of. The Obama / Biden affair isn’t a marriage it isn’t even going to be heavy petting. If there’s anyone in Washington who’s their own man it’s Joe Biden. Joe Biden doesn’t take orders from the Band Master he’s his own Band Master.

As sure as day follows night in the next 60 days there’s going to be trouble between Biden and Obama [or at least their staffs]. Obama says he’s all about change when he gets on the campaign trail he’s going to have to explain himself in more detail. When he does he’s going to run head on into some of Joe Biden’s pet projects, If Obama had spent more time in Washington doing what senators do he’d understand it’s not the president who screws things up, it’s congress and rather than straighten them out they blame presidents.

In order to sell the voters on change Obama is going to have to take on congress. When that happens he’s taking on his own running mate and Biden’s friends. Biden is a sore loser not accustomed to criticism He’s well established in the senate and he really doesn’t need this VP gig. We’ve all seen a pissed off Biden walk away many times before there’s no reason he can’t do it again.

Obama’s been the Media darling up to now, that’s about to change. The polls have this race at a dead heat with McCain a hair out front. That hair is enough to send the media in McCain’s direction. The media always want to be on the side of a winner regardless how many times they have to zig zag around the issues. With the exception of those at NBC the media is beginning to question many of Obama’s changes in his speeches. He’s beginning to say what was isn’t and what wasn’t is. Obama’s beginning to adjust to the reality of things not being what he thought they were.

Perhaps it’s beginning to dawn on Obama being president isn’t all Air Force One and cocktail parties, there are some serious responsibilities that go with the job. The last time someone this disconnected with reality ran for the oval office was Jimmy Carter the most failed president in American history. Barack Obama thought he could emulate the late JFK, he’s equally articulate, he’s attractive clean cut and doesn’t seem to have any warts that can come back to bit him. In his opinion he stepped off the Wheaties Box into a race for president. His competition knows what Obama obviously doesn’t all cereal boxes are half full of air.

Sarah Palin seemed to recognize something others haven’t and that’s how thin-skinned Barack Obama is. Maybe that comes from her years in the outdoors hunting and field dressing the really big critters. Obama is a really big critter who doesn’t intimidate Palin. The Obama attack dogs went after Sarah Palin with a fervor unknown in previous campaigns, no campaign has ever attack the children of a candidate the way Obama’s people attacked the Palin’s. Obama is in denial, he claims he had no part in it and we know that’s pure bull sh**. Campaign staffs always check with the candidates before the set off on a witch hunt.

That school yard head down toe stirring up the sand persona Sarah Palin has can’t be taught and it can’t be bought on E-Bay. Her deliver is as natural as the land she comes from. It takes more grit than polish to grow up in Alaska. America has never before seen a woman of Sarah Palin’s quality in national politics. There seems to be something mechanical about most of the women in national politics. None of them have ever been able to meet the challenges Sarah Palin has and come out the winner.

Is Sarah Palin without sin, probably not? Every politician has a little dirt under their fingernails. Is there anything that will destroy her chances of becoming America’s first woman vice president, very doubtful? The trivial things the left bloggers are coming up with wouldn’t even sell in a high school love fest. I have a friend who’s so pissed off Sarah Palin is in the race she’s near apoplexy. Some of the ridiculous trivia she comes up with is not worthy of a PhD of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolutions.

Sarah Palin knows as many of us do the more she chides Obama and the more he responds and the more it throws him off his message [if he has one.] Joe Biden already has this figured out and he’s not falling into Sarah Palin’s trap. There’s no question Sarah Palin is Obama’s nemesis. Up to now Obama has been the untouchable sending Palin after him levels the playing field, Mano y Mano.

Obama created an image of himself he can’t possibly sustain, no one is that perfect. His rhetoric may have worked in the primaries but now that he’s in a cage match with McCain his picture perfect persona isn’t going to do much for him. The voters want substance not polish and there’s very little substance in Obama. With John McCain that’s about all you get is substance, he’s been too busted up by his service to his country to have much polish left in him.

I have enough faith in the voters to believe they aren’t going to fall for a slick snake oil salesman peddling what he can’t deliver regardless how Clever and Pretty he is.

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