Sarahmania! Routs Obamamania from Sea to Shining Sea!

By: John Lillpop

For the past several months, liberals have sought to sell American voters on the ridiculous idea that an inexperienced “community organizer,” without any notable achievement to his name, would be a perfect fit for CEO position in the Oval Office.

Lead astray by a biased liberal media, some innocent voters actually bought into the Obamania fairy tale. They are not at fault, many appear to have been born that way.

Now a new and promising political star has arrived on the scene to rescue America and Americans from the ravages of Obamamania, and to once again bring hope to those who still love America.

Sarahmania, born on September 3, 2008, in St. Paul, Minnesota has overwhelmed and overtaken Obamamania as a political phenomenon and force.

Reagan in a skirt they call in her and Sarah Palin seems equal to the billing.

Pity that the Democrat Party has dumped its woman dynamo and her 18 million votes in favor of a balding old white plagiarist who has haunted Washington, D.C. for 35 years.

Still, the Democrats loss is America’s gain as Sarah Palin prepares to lead the GOP to another eight year lease on the White House and most likely far fewer losses in the House and Senate than had been forecast.

Viva Sarahmania!

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