Senator Obama Sheep Can’t Read

By: Ken Hughes

It’s a well know fact sheep can’t read or think and they’ll chew on anything put before them. The Obama supporters bare a striking resemblance to people following like sheep, there’s a reason for this. In the presidential campaign of 1932 Franklin Roosevelt introduced change as a campaign slogan. Democrats have been following that mantra since FDR was elected president the first time, and as long as it works they’ll continue using it.

The voters have been hearing about change for 75 years, the only changes are as congress gains power and the citizen lose rights the changes come. The question is what will Obama try to change and will congress go along. One of the things both candidates promise they’ll change is discretionary spending by congress. Congress isn’t about to give up one of their favorite perks. Most people have heard the old adage, [paraphrased] “It takes whisky to buy votes” That was back when George Washington was a candidate for President. These days it takes money to buy votes. Rather to pay for votes themselves politicians let the tax payers pay for them with pork projects. Neither McCain nor Obama is going to get congress to give up their tickets to reelection.

Obama and McCain have both put new health care proposal together. This is another issue that’s been languishing around the halls of congress for years. Health care in America is an industry. Industries provide jobs, pay taxes and have lobbyists protecting their interests. Nothing is going to happen except a lot of conversation and stalling by congress> The public hasn’t felt enough pain yet to get interested.

The only change that’s likely to come is an energy bill more friendlily to the consumer. That will come because congress went home and heard the voices of their constituents demanding more domestic drilling. The entire House and one third of the Senate is up for reelection they’ve gotten the word and they know it’s time to play nice and do something about the oil shortage situation. Technology will eventually resolve the critics concerns over oil, until then we need oil and lots of it, preferably our own.

Until the doors on the voting stations open many people are like sheep, they graze on election rhetoric without knowing what it’s all about. How can anyone possibly pay attention to the promises made by candidates when the candidates themselves don’t know what they’re promising half the time? There’s no way a presidential candidate can go through a year long campaign and keep it all together in a neat package.

These presidential candidates would have the voters believe if elected they’ll have the authority and the power to turn water into wine and lead into gold. Presidents have no such legislative authority and little domestic influence that congress doesn’t allow them. President make requests 535 congress persons either grants or declines them at congresses desecration. The best a president can do is veto legislation he disagrees with and hope the veto isn’t overridden. Congress has the power of the nation’s checkbook and as such holds the people’s interests in their hands.

Over the years congress has created the illusion presidents are responsible when things don’t go as promised. Nothing could be further from the truth. When lending financial instructions fail it’s because congress was asleep at the wheel. They didn’t provide adequate regulations to keep greedy speculators from milking the system. When industries fail it’s because congress over regulated them into near bankruptcy forcing them to seek more favorable conditions elsewhere. Since World War Two, congress has negotiated deals with foreign governments expanding their production capabilities often at the expense of the American worker. Presidents can only request, congress must decide even in foreign trade issues. Congress has traded our production advantages for a promise of leading the world in technologies. Then they open the doors of our Universities and teach our competition how to better compete with us.

In the nearly eight years Bush has been president Democrats, the media and congress have been lying consistently in an attempt to blame him for what they fail to do or accurately report. Only two previous presidents [in their day] have been as maligned as George Bush, Abraham Lincoln and Herbert Hoover. A president can be a person of great ability if they can’t get the cooperation of the country their greatness often goes untested. The public rather than make decisions based on logic and facts often rely on what the media reports. If one sheep drinks Kool Aid the rest followand so it is with the majority of voters. To often we hear “I don’t have time for politics” when the fact is they don’t have time not to be interested in politics, The decisions made in congress effect every aspect of our daily lives if they’re wrong whose to blame but “We the People”.

Voters have less than two months to decide who will become president. The new president will go before congress and present his agenda for the coming four years. Congress will nod and applaud and then do it their way. All a president can do is walk away knowing he did his best. In the end the Good Old Boys of congress prevail.

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