When Will the Terrorists Go Nuclear?

By: Lance Winslow

Apparently, the World’s leading think tanks are now discussing the question; “Will Terrorists Go Nuclear?” And really this is a silly notion to discuss, obviously they will, it’s not if, but when. Sure they will and it will be soon. How soon you ask? Well, in my opinion it will not be long now. Let’s say by 2009 or 2010 and when they strike it won’t be pretty, as some first world nation will lose an entire city.

Indeed, there is actually a new book titled; “Will the Terrorists Go Nuclear” by Brian Michael Jenkins and he has some 30 plus years experience studying this sort of thing; terrorists and political violence that is. Dirty Bombs, suitcase nukes, EM weapons and full on ground zero type nuclear weapons are all going to be real threats in the future. Have I read this book yet? No, but I plan too, because it will help with insight as to when the first real terrorist nuclear event will take place.

Why do I believe the Terrorists will go nuclear this next year or the one after? Simple, we see Pakistan is in political turmoil with nuclear power plants along its borders near Al Qaeda country. We see Iran forging ahead with their centrifugal spindles and they are still funding Hezbollah. We have the Chinese buying uranium from Australia and selling ICBM 1200 range missiles to Iran. There is missing material out there already. Russia has threatened to have a stand-off with the USA in the Persian Gulf and are selling weapons to both Iran and Syria, who both have a war pact.

Then there is the Issue with North Korea reneging on their nuclear weapons programs and another issue with Venezuela sponsoring FARC and buying Russia fighters and submarines. Our borders are porous and we have sworn enemies afoot. There is every incentive, opportunity for terrorists and material available, the terrorists are going nuclear now!

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