Proper Respect, Please: It Is Governor Palin!

By: John Lillpop

Ever since that dreadful morning in January, 2007, when Nancy Pelosi raised her right hand and swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, feminists have insisted that she be addressed by her Constitutional title, despite the fact that that woman is uniquely unqualified to be third in the line of succession to the U.S. presidency.

For the past 21 months it has been Speaker Pelosi or Madam Speaker, rather than the more cuddly Space Cadet Nancy and Moon Bat Pelosi, terms of endearment more in line with Speaker Pelosi’s intellectual prowess and warped political perspective.

However, while feminists have been adamant in demanding strict adherence to protocol when addressing or discussing the leftist speaker from San Francisco, those same folks have gone the extra mile in denying proper respect for the effervescent political reformer and superstar of the new millennium, Governor Palin of Alaska.

In fact, Governor Palin has been disrespected in every venue in which jaded leftists are allowed to express their flaky views.

In a weepy Op-ed piece written by Gloria Steinem, that mostly irrelevant femi-nazi relic from the past, Governor Palin was bludgeoned without mercy for being a woman who believes that all human life is a precious gift from our Creator, who believes in the U.S. Constitution, including the Second Amendment, who is adamantly and passionately pro-American on issues of war and national security.

According to the aged and bitter malcontent who is supposed to be an icon in the feminist world, women are not supposed to think that way. Damn all that do!

Throughout her 1,115-word tirade in the September 4 edition of the Los Angeles Times, not once did Steinem refer to Palin by her proper title, Governor Palin.

Women just don’t get the respect they deserve, right Gloria?

LA Times:

To those guilty of violating the standards of proper protocol, listen up:

It is GOVERNOR Palin, and she is a miracle!

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