Teflon Sarah

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

I can see it: Obama-ites and other various leftwing politicos around the nation gathered in their brainstorming groups, frantically trying to formulate their next attack on Sarah Palins character. Coffee downed by the pot load (or pot downed by the coffee load, given who I’m referring to), fine-tooth-combing through Palin’s past, looking for something – anything – that will stop her meteoric rise.

‘She’s inexperienced!’ they cry. So is Obama. Swing and a miss!
‘Her husband has a DUI!’ they shout. From decades ago. Strike two!
‘She’s an Alaskan separatist!’ they lie. Nope, that was her husband. She’s been a registered Republican for decades. Go have a seat.

‘She’s too damn hot!’ Okay, they got me there.

So far, nothing that they have thrown at her has stuck. Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

Desperate to stem the surprising tide of public support for the McCain/Palin ticket, the left has now dusted off their Unofficial Campaign Spin team, aka the entertainment industry.

While it’s commonplace for the leftist Hollywood crowd to yap ad nauseam during a presidential campaign, this time around we are seeing something new: a concerted effort to zero in and target a specific candidate.

Oprah (the most powerful/useless celebrity on Earth) publicly endorses Obama and refuses to have Sarah Palin on her show. Matt Damon shows equal parts elitism and ignorance with his embarrassing rant against the possibility of having a ‘hockey mom facing down Putin’ at some point. Given the alternative – Biden? My God! – and Damon’s vast and storied political acumen not withstanding, does anyone actually care what Matt Damon thinks?

Pam Anderson, that intellectual giant and vocal supporter of PETA (which in turn has links to the domestic terrorist organization ALF), goes off in an interview about how horrible Sarah Palin is. You know they are running scared when they haul out the big…um, guns.

Imagine the dilemma facing the FemiNazi crowd. The epitome of a successful woman, looking to break the so-called glass ceiling by becoming Vice President on one side, and an airhead who started her career as a beer poster girl, screwed her way into the public consciousness, and who by now is about 92% plastic, on the other. Who do they want to speak for them?

It’s okay to vote Republican, ladies. We won’t tell anyone.

Back to the original point: Palin is teflon. Nothing is working, and is in fact having the opposite effect. Poll after poll continues to show the McCain/Palin team pulling ahead of Obama/Biden.

In what can be called an oddity, the more the leftwing Hollywood elite has a go at the Sarah Palin Character Assassination game, the more the public solidifies their support behind the Alaskan governor.

The reality is that Americans love Sarah Palin, and they aren’t fooled by the leftwing spin. They see an attack on Palin as an attack on ‘one of us’ by those who are out of touch. As it turns out, the average American isn’t a gullible fool after all.

We Palin fans could use a few more points in the polls, though. Could we get a camera on Ben Affleck?

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