A Message For America

By: Ken Hughes

I’ve been reflecting on some recent comments. This message isn’t necessarily directed towards any one individual but liberals as a whole. It’s simply my observations of the entire liberal mind set to get Obama elected at any cost. Perhaps even at the cost of our personal freedom. John McCain is a man who’s devoted his entire life to the service of his country. He suffered like few man have suffered and all his previous contributions are dismissed in favor of a snake oil salesman who doesn’t have a single accomplishment to his credit.

These same choices were presented to the world in 1939. Neville Chamberlain a man not unlike Barack Obama sold the English people on the idea they could negotiate with the devil next door, Adolf Hitler. In the end it nearly cost England and the world its freedom. One man with experience stepped forward to save a nation in its darkest hours. Winston Churchill served his country for years with the same loyalty John McCain has served his. By nature man is a natural predator. Man is also the ultimate protector even when no protection is required. Some men talk while others act.

If the crucifixion of Jesus [the ultimate peace maker] says anything it tells us we can only negotiate after the enemy has been vanquished.

Conflicts and tribal warfare have existed for as long as man’s been able to dig in the dirt and uncover bits and pieces of history. As long as there’s more than one ideology men will disagree often in the most violent ways. The Old Testament and the Quran have chapter after chapter devoted to God / Allah bringing his / her wrath down to teach man lessons in civility. If God has no influence what success can Barack Obama hope to achieve. America would be better off with a man who knows how and when to pull the trigger and has the courage and restraint to do so only when necessary to protect American citizens from harm. That man is John McCain.

The presidency should never be on the job training. Some form of executive experience should be required above a year and a half as a part time senator. There’s a reason congressmen are seldom elected presidents. Congressmen negotiate and arbitrate they’re not required to make decisions only to agree or disagree with a majority. That works in congress however it isn’t very effective when the Barbarians are at the gate banging to get in.

Whether America should be in Iraq or not is a question each of us should ask ourselves. Fighting the war on terror in Iraq had nothing to do with oil, compassion or theology. Fighting the war in Iraq was a way of taking the war out of the streets of America and putting it in the terrorists backyard.. Terrorists are Nomads they have no country they come from all the tribes of the Middle East. Saddam Hussein was the weakest leader in the Arab World. After Afghanistan Iraq would have been the terrorist’s next logical base of operations. Five years a prisoner of war John McCain understands radical commitments to causes. McCain was the first to call for a military force large enough to contain and reduce al Qaeda’s threat in that region. Barack Obama is as blind to the threats of despots as Neville Chamberlain was. Obama doesn’t understand pacification is never successful with radical terrorists.

The war on terror will be this century’s new hundred year war. The Arabs aren’t going anywhere. For four thousand years they’ve survived some of the harshest conditions God ever bestowed on mankind. Their rewards have been oil and now some want to take that from them. As these Nomadic people see it Christians don’t always act Christian like. The Arabs see Anglos as greedy manipulators out to control them. Perhaps greed is so imbedded in western mentality what the Arabs believe has a ring of truth to it. After all the other side have their points to make as well.

History is riddled with societies who capitulated rather than stand up to their oppressors. Slavery dates back to the Neanderthals, America is no exception the first 150 years England held the Colonies subservient at gun point. In 1775 half the colonists were against separation from England. That’s been the case since, plus or minus about half the population is against any conflict defending America. It’s not the public wants to become slaves it’s they don’t see or understand the threat.

Today the world faces the greatest threat in the history of mankind.
All mankind worships a deity in one form or another, Today the majority of mans beliefs are divided between a Judo Christian God and an Islamic Allah. Until these two contradictions in religion find common ground the world is in for a very bumpy ride.

A thoughtful vote will count for more in the coming election than anytime in history. Think before you commit the nation’s future to something or someone who’s questionable.

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