I Don’t Like Saying I Told You So

By: Jack L. Key

I do not pretend to be a soothsayer or have great insight or political experience, but several weeks ago I wrote the following column that was published on this website, as well as several others. It was also posted as a features article on my own website and published in a number of local, and in one national periodical.

In view of the recent financial failings and other events on Wall Street and other pending financial and military crisis’ now confronting us a nation, and which were aptly described in my earlier article, I take no particular joy in re-posting it here again. I do so in the hope that we may have some idea of what may lie in store for us. This was the entire article with areas of particular emphasis highlighted:

Our Greatest World Nightmare
By Jack L. Key

Can the United States Survive the Onslaught?
President Bush is wise to stay at arm’s length of any regional conflicts that may arise in the Middle East and Central Asia, even though he was correct in his actions in Afghanistan several years ago, and in his continuing support of that country’s government.

Bush has again used his experience in foreign policy in dealing with the Russians in their latest military incursion into neighboring Georgia by not shooting from the hip too early. The President and Senator John McCain seem to be together on dealing with this current crisis so far. Obama has some explaining to do on his first feeble reactions and accusations—against McCain’s campaign’s comments—not Russian invasions!

In my view, once we are disengaged from Afghanistan, we should not involve ourselves further in the politics or armed conflicts of this part of the world. We have nothing to gain and much to lose if we continue to involve ourselves in regional disputes that do not confront us directly. As to finding allies against terrorism, who can say what groups or countries have the same common interests as our own on any given day?

Politics and religious extremism in Pakistan are but a part of the quagmire that engulfs Islamic countries and political groups from North Africa to the Middle East to Central Asia as President Bush has outlined. The United States has no business becoming involved directly until we are attacked or otherwise closely involved in some way. Relationships change overnight in that part of the world and friends become enemies and vice-versa. Human life has little value in extremist Islamic politics.

Russia and China are currently indirectly involved in these regional actions because it serves their interests in a much larger plan. We all know by now that remaining quiet or without serious comment on a world stage is a sure sign of indirect involvement. It is so quiet in Russia and China during this current nuclear argument with Iran and Syria and our own financial upheavals you might hear a pin drop. Their involvement will be quickly seen before and during the U.S. elections and their political stance in the ongoing Georgian dispute and the plummeting U.S. credit rating worldwide.

The U.S. has no plan for world domination, either economically or militarily, though I suspect Russia and China do. This is a big stage, and there are many players. America now should prepare for the time when it will become one of those players only out of necessity. The very survival of the country may depend on what actions we take now.

Is There A Real World Conspiracy?

By now all major powers and most regional powers know there will be nuclear warfare exchanges by countries within Central Asia and India and through the Middle East. None can say accurately when the conflict will begin, but most would agree the onset would be once Iran has the nuclear capacity it wants and needs and the U.S. begins troop withdrawal.

United States military forces must not be present in the region when hostilities begin, or if so, quickly withdraw any small ground forces that may be there. The nuclear warfare must be regionally contained and not allowed to spread to the European or Asian mainland. The current Russian-Georgian conflict must be contained quickly. NATO can play a major role here if the Europeans are serious about a peaceful coexistence.

If it does spread, there can be all out world nuclear war with few, if any, survivors and no winners. If America begins planning with European allies and Japan now, we may be able to prevent a catastrophic intercontinental nuclear war, at least for the near future.

The United States must immediately prepare to disengage itself from any military alliances formed in these hostile regions, including Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt and Jordan. Left alone from pressures from the major powers these countries may be able to learn to coexist with others in their regions.

If not, they must bear the brunt themselves of any warfare, conventional or nuclear. American diplomacy must make this clear to leaders of these countries and all political or religious groups as quickly as possible, and especially in the United Nations.

There must be no U.S. troops or money to bail them out or rebuild their countries should war become fact. Citizens of America owe nothing to the peoples of these countries or the politico-religious groups, and we should not interfere in their internal or political affairs in any way, including military or economic aid. When China and Russia become visible major players– and they will– then is the time America and the rest of the world must also become visibly involved.

As a peaceful country and a major nuclear power, we must learn to look ahead, and to ignore smaller world problems as they develop over time. Russia and China are the ONLY dangerously capable enemies the United States has, and will always have, until one or the other retreats or is defeated.

As for the oil-producing countries, if they reduce or stop the flow of oil to the U.S. we must be prepared to go in and take it, while still paying the outrageous prices. If there is organized resistance, then we must simply take the oil we require, period.

Politicians and media in the U.S. were completely fooled by the “collapse” of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s and the so-called “openess” of communist China. American short-sightedness in this area has already been proven time and again. Long range world planners in Russia and China designed a plan that provided at least a decade or two of freedom from the Cold War pressures that required so much capital and was ruining the economic assets developing in both countries. Neither could continue to match the West in economic or military growth without a breathing period.

Russia’s economic growth and oil wealth, and China’s technological, industrial and commercial growth have both exceeded that of the U.S. Currently, both countries are engaged in a world financial plan, led by China, to reduce the American economic, banking and capital growth to that of a large third world power. That will allow Russia and China to control the World Bank and the financial stability of all countries.

Funding foreign military operations and trade imbalances have for years increased in the U.S. and decreased in the other two major powers. Once the U.S. dollar is replaced as the world currency standard, both Russia and China will begin their economic and military moves. Both military and natural resources have increased in both countries over the past two decades, and China’s current military build-up is the largest of any country since World War II.

With its announced new nuclear warheads and improved missiles and submarines, Russia has taken the lead in modern nuclear capability. The U.S. is just beginning a 20-year program to improve its aging nuclear arsenal after reducing it substantially in the 1990’s. China’s nuclear forces and huge modern conventional military and human reserves make it the only country in the world capable of occupying and controlling a country the size of the United States. The Chinese Navy grows larger by the hour and will rival that of the U.S. Navy in less than 5 years.

Liberal democrats and socialists in the U.S. Congress have not approved a major U.S. military weapons or upgrades bill other than maintaining foreign military operations spending in Iraq and elsewhere in 20 years. The U.S. merchant shipping fleet is virtually non-existent. China and its allies have all increased their merchant fleets, and China has built entire docking sites for its fleet in the seas surrounding the U.S. in recent years. China’s facilities operating and under construction in the Bahamas Islands will be the largest such facility in the world.

China maintains major food and agricultural sites and exporting ties in many South American countries and is a major supplier of military equipment and supplies to over 60% of the western hemisphere countries. Major new Chinese radar installations in communist Cuba and other military technical sites and treaties in Venezuela and elsewhere have increased the Chinese offensive and defensive military capabilities in the Caribbean and South America.


In view of these and other facts, I believe China and Russia and their allies plan an economic and financial assault on America, coupled with exhausting world regional military disputes and expanding limited nuclear warfare designed to overwhelm the military capacities of the United States.

I also believe this assault is already underway, and has shown success in certain areas and instances. Just a look at world financial markets and military operations will confirm this success. The recent bold and ruthless incursion into Georgian territory by Russian forces is the latest in a series of military moves against U.S. interests and allies abroad.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain is absolutely correct in his challenge to Russia to cease and desist in the overwhelming military operations in Georgian territory and to call a UN Security Council meeting to deal with a cease-fire in the region. President Bush has also been correct in his appeals to Russia for a cease-fire, even though he is out of the country and without all the intelligence at his disposal. Flying back the 2,000 Georgian troops from Iraq is a good posture precedent to show Russia we stand by our friends.

The billions in bonds to finance the tax rebates package the President put in place are 90% owned by China. Russia finances and supplies Iran’s nuclear programs. Iran is grooming the Middle East for invasion and war. The oil kingdoms get richer and hide their gold and diamonds for another day. The great wealth America has transferred to Russia, China and the Middle East can be the funding for its own financial and military demise.

When completed and in full force, this plan would act to force the U.S. Government into political and financial bankruptcy, clearing the way for other major world powers and their ideologies. Both Russia and China have announced their intentions to lead the world into the new century and beyond. Both Europeans and Asian allies recognize this situation, and world attitudes and markets are turning against the United States.

There will be some that may dispute these comments. I only ask that such doubters take a short and accurate review of what history has transpired over the past two decades and the past 6 months. Then make your own judgement as to whether I have interpreted correctly or not.

It is imperative we elect a Republican President who will carry on President Bush’s initiatives and continue to fund new weapons programs and economic and budgetary goals that are realistic. We live in a dangerous world and we must continue to fight the war on terrorism and not pave the way for those who would lead us into chaos. John McCain gives us the insight and leadership of a proven military decision-maker with his extensive military history and leadership capabilities and foreign policy experience.

To elect a Democrat President only increases the actions of our adversaries and opens the United States to political and governmental socialism and ultimate military defeat. Ted Kennedy’s endorsement recently of Barrack Obama for President is the first step in this process. If Obama is elected we may never again see the America that our parents knew or that we grew up in, and possibly will never survive the financial and military actions of our enemies.

Liberal congressional members and leaders must not be reelected to continue their socialist programs and ideology that make us vulnerable to foreign military attack and economic depression. We must elect a Congress that will involve itself in foreign policy issues and fund weapons and military programs on a sound financial platform that will save and protect the American people and the country from foreign domination.

Americans ought to listen closely to the election rhetoric in this presidential election year, and to judge carefully before you cast your vote. How and for whom you vote in this vital election may well be the biggest decision of your life and your children’s children’s lives.

Careful consideration of the political firestorm and U.S. financial crisis coming during and after the political party conventions will determine how the country will emerge after the November elections.

Jack L. Key, Ph.D. political commentaries and feature articles appear both online and in prints media. His latest book is Gideon’s Trumpet, a parallel of war and peace in the 21st century, and is available on most online bookstores. Key is also a U.S. Navy aviation veteran of the early Cold War years and a retired healthcare professional. Contact him at: jockdoc@localnet.com or visit www.authorsden.com/jackkey

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