Obama Operative Fires off another Bogus Scandal against Palin

By: Sher Zieve

The left-wing’s faked rumors about Republican Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin are still continuing at a fever pitch. These Obama supporters and surrogates are continuing in their vowed quest to destroy Governor Palin. Obama’s Chicago-style thug politics are still firmly in place this election season. Alaskan State Senator Hollis French—a Democrat Obama surrogate—seems to be working overtime these latest days and nights. He has decided to manipulate the Alaskan investigation—if not any and all evidence—into Governor Palin’s firing of Alaska Public Safety Officer Walt Monegan.

Hollis says Monegan was fired by Palin because he would not fire Palin’s former brother-in-law—State Trooper Mike Wooten—who had, then, been accused of tasering his young stepson, drinking alcohol in his patrol car, illegally shooting a Moose and threatening to kill Palin’s father. Of note, Wooten was subsequently convicted and in the true Alaskan old boy network style—which Palin ran against in her bid for Governor—Wooten was given only a 10 day suspension! Hollis, other Democrats and a handful of the good ol’ boy Alaskan Republicans decided they would investigate the Governor for Monegan’s firing. The problem was and is that Governor Palin has emails showing that Monegan—an at-will employee appointed by the Governor—had repeatedly attempted to oppose and undermine his boss on a number of issues. One of these was a Monegan pet project that Governor Palin had vetoed. Monegan made several unauthorized trips to Washington D.C., in an attempt to bypass the Governor and have the Democrat-run US Congress fund his project. Due to his many attempts to both challenge and undermine Gov. Palin’s decisions, Monegan was fired.

Note: Monegan served at the pleasure of the Governor. But, increasingly, the “serves at the pleasure of” phrase only applies to Democrats—not Republican leaders.

Although Monegan had previously stated: “For the record, no one ever said fire Wooten [Palin brother-in-law]. Not the Governor. Not Todd [Palin's husband]. Not anyone of the staff …”, Monegan joined with his friend and Obama operative Hollis French and—at the apparent urging of French—decided to fight his firing and charge Palin’s staff with misconduct. Another apparent friend of French’s—Special Prosecutor Steven Branchflower—allowed the state senator to interfere with the witness subpoena list. Of course, this is illegal. But, bear in mind these are Democrats—who appear to be immune from any and all laws they don’t like. The facts are that this is a bogus and partisan “investigation” into nothing. But, the Obama adherents are apparently allowed to do and say anything they like. Stalin is alive and well in Alaska.

These are the facts, folks. If nothing else, this one incident proves Governor Palin truly DID fight against the Alaska good ol’ boy network and they don’t like it. They don’t like it one bit! So far, everything the left-wing has thrown at her has been proven false. But, that doesn’t stop them from continuing to attempt to manufacture scandals where none exist. The more ethical people are, the harder the unscrupulous and dishonorable entities attempt to destroy them. Alaska Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin must surely be as principled as anyone who ever lived.


“For the record, no one ever said fire Wooten [Palin brother-in-law]. Not the Governor. Not Todd [Palin's husband]. Not anyone of the staff …”
- Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, Anchorage Daily News, August 30, 2008

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