The Media Made Palin Bigger Than Life

By: Ken Hughes

The public’s had it with prefabricated political candidates. All of them, including McCain, look and act as though they came from central casting on the Disney Lot. There doesn’t seem to be a sincere bone in their bodies. Nearly every candidates speech can be summed up with the following statement, “He did, I didn’t and I wont do it again.”

A gun toting, Moose hunting, Soccer-mom turned politician is introduced onto the national stage and all hell breaks loose. The media’s treating Sarah Palin as if Teddy Roosevelt, the original Maverick, stepped off Mount Rushmore into the 2008 presidential campaign. Indeed she’s a breath of fresh air in a stale environment.

The Obama campaign staff is underestimating Sarah Palin to what will be their regret. She went into enemy territory for her first media interview. She allowed Charlie Gibson to ask her dumb questions then she sat there silent letting Gibson give her answers for her. Her second interview was with Seam Hannity who asks her legitimate questions and allowed Palin to give her own answers. It’s obvious Palin set ABC and Charlie Gibson up for criticism.

Normally we think of handlers and focus groups choreograph the candidate’s every movement. After following Sarah Palin her first few days on the national stage there’s no doubt she’s directing her own movements. When Sarah Palin gets to Washington she’ll find Alaskan politics is child’s play compared to what she’ll be facing in the future. The Washingtonians had 230 years to build a wall around their Good Old Boy Fort, the walls will not be easily torn down, they’re as solid as the Great Wall of China.

John McCain and Sarah Palin held a town hall meeting in Grand Rapids Michigan this evening. The contrast between the two campaigns was remarkable. When Obama holds what he refers to as a town hall meeting he gives a speech and answers a few pre-selected questions. McCain / Palin went directly to the questions and omitted the speeches. To McCain’s credit he allowed Sarah Palin the floor most of the time. To Sarah Palin’s credit one of her first statements was suggesting she would take any and all “Stump the Candidate Questions” anyone in the audience had. Sarah Palin rather than being an empty suite is proving herself to be more than qualified to be vice president. Considering who she has to compete with Sarah Palin out shines even Barack Obama on the critical issues of the times.

One of Palin’s most compelling moments came at the town meeting in Grand Rapids when someone in the audience ask Governor Palin if she’d changed McCain’s mind on the need for drilling at ANWAR. She didn’t hesitate a moment when she said she was working on him. She openly admits this is an area they choose to disagree. I have a feeling Palin will win the argument in the end.

On the subject of energy independence there’s no question Palin is the most qualified of the four candidates in the presidential race. She’s the only one who’s successfully dealt with Oil Companies. Today the Drudge report quotes a source saying congress will adjourn leaving the financial crises to the Fed because they don’t feel qualified to deal with it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if congress finally recognized they aren’t qualified to deal with the energy crises and leave that to those qualified also?

The 110th Congress led by Nancy Pelosi of the House and Harry Reid of the Senate has been the most ineffective and politically divided in recent history. The 110th Congress suffers from the lowest public approval ratings in the nation’s history. Pelosi and Reid were elected to leadership positions on a promise of taking partisan politics off the floors of congress. They’ve failed and the proper thing for them to do is both step down in favor of more qualified leaders.

Congress isn’t supposed to be about party politics, no where in the constitution or any of the documents founding this nation’s government does it provide for political parties as a requisite for official acts of congress. The 110th Congress has totally ignored the premise they were elected to represent the people and not their political parties. Patrician politics has become the guiding light of congress. This is wrong they are there to represent all the people not just the contributors to their reelection coffers.

It’s not presidents who divide this country, its congress. Congress with the support of the national media is able to manipulate the peoples psyche. The cure is “Term Limits” for congress. In order to accomplish this an entire different congressional leadership must be elected. The Good Old Boys must be booted out

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