A McCain / Obama Debate Then What?

By: Ken Hughes

This first debate or [the got-cha-yah fests] as some like to refer to these events is coming, and it’s going to be interesting. As I understand it will be an open debate, no lights no bells and no whistles they shake hands and come out fighting. This is perhaps the most interesting format for the viewing audience. This style of debate doesn’t give the moderator an opportunity to cut either candidate off before they’ve made their point, [if they have one.]

Debates haven’t been very interesting since Ronald Reagan was a participant. The media [moderators] have made themselves the third cog in the debts or so it seems and therefore dulling-down the event considerably.

John McCain is prone to making jokes that are more often than not misunderstood or misinterpreted if you prefer. Barack Obama comes off as arrogant and a bit of a smartass who seems to think he’s intellectually superior to his audiences. That attitude may be heralded by his liberal supporters but it’s held in disgust by the average America voter. Most Americans still hold to the premise America is a country “of the people, by the people and above all for the people”. Politicians are supposed to be the servants of the people. The people are not there to serve politicians.

Barack Obama has the problem of losing women voters because of the disrespect shown to Hillary Clinton. There’s very little question Hillary Clinton was the better choice for vice president over Joe Biden. Hillary Clinton has faced more battles in recent years than any politician in Washington. Each time she’s come out with a smile and a willingness to continue for the benefit of her party. Her second qualification is she knows were the bodies are hidden in Congress and the Whitehouse. Hillary would have been the ideal running mate for a novas inexperienced presidential candidate like Barack Obama.

The selection of Sarah Palin as the Republicans choice for vice president went beyond her being well qualified. She was to capture those disenfranchised supporters of Hillary Clinton. It was a political strategy that seems to have gone favorably far beyond what was anticipated. As it turns out Sarah Palin is nearly every woman’s new ideal. Sarah Palin seems to have generated more attention than Hillary Clinton in recent weeks. The left misjudged John McCain, they were sure he would choose his old friend Joe Lieberman. When McCain chose the relative unknown Sarah Palin the Obama camp were caught unprepared, they only knew she was the governor of some obscure western state. Most of the Obama propaganda machine couldn’t point to Alaska on a map. The only thing they could do was start by making up the most obnoxious stories about Palin and her family they could think of. This delighted Sarah Palin, she knew most would fizzle out when the truth became know and she knew she had thick en
ough skin to survive the nabob attacks.

John McCain operates on what he perceives to be facts. Obama creates his facts to fit the situation at hand. When the candidates were out preaching to the faithful a little hyperbole went a long way. When these same candidates face the real voter’s hyperbole becomes outright lying.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are trying to sell the voters paying taxes is the patriotic thing to do. The tax paying public knows when tax legislation is written for every increase there are three loopholes created for the richest tax payers to jump through. This is by no means because congress favors the rich. It’s done because congress knows the rich provide the investment capital keeping the lights in Washington burning. The poor and the middle class only pay for the street sweepers. The poor don’t pay taxes and the middle class are sheep to busy looking for their next blade of grass to pay attention to the antics of congress. John McCain believes in tax cuts to stimulate investments. Republicans have proven time after time low taxes enhance the treasury more than higher taxes.

Democrats have a propaganda machine that would make Joseph Gerbils the former master of Nazi Propaganda envious. The Democratic propaganda marching seems to have discovered the secrets of perpetual motion. It’s been running nonstop for the past 75 years. It’s no wonder Barack Obama has such a sooth delivery he’s had the best in political schooling.

In all fairness both candidates are misrepresenting what they can supposedly do for the voters. Neither candidate can deliver even a portion of what they’re proposing. Congress is still the ultimate authority on what becomes law and what bills get paid. Congress is currently led by Democrats and Democrats are represented by the symbol of the Donkey. Anyone who’s ever been around Donkey’s knows they move when they want to move and not before. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid could give Donkey’s lessons in stubbornness and they lead congress, need we say more?

This time around it’s of less concern who gets elected president as who we send to congress. Congress has forgotten the three separate but equal branches of government rule. They’re attempting to reduce all authority to them and the media. This is unacceptable America needs term limits for all congress persons lest they turn this country into a congressional dictatorship.

The coming debates will prove little, spontaneity can’t be choreographed and that’s precisely what debates are preprogrammed propaganda, Town Hall meetings with open questions from the audience and unrehearsed answers is the only way to learn about the candidates.

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