Al-Qaeda Or All-Congress A Bigger Threat?

By: Guest Authors

By: Eddie Clements

I have been moved to write largely because of the events of September 11, 2001, the 21st Century’s first Day of Infamy. Its recent anniversary activities brought back vivid memories of that day. With this hallmark event, Islamofascists stated murderously: we are here, and there is more to come.

All too soon after this tragedy came the usual natterings from the usual suspects – the leftist cries of “we deserved it” and blaming it on poverty, mistreatment, lack of understanding, etc. Hogwash, even to committed and enlightened liberals. Anyone familiar with the national dialogue over the past thirty years or more could have predicted this reaction from the left.

The correct perspective on this seismic event has been encouraged only by the persistence of media luminaries on conservative talk radio, the boys and girls at The Weekly Standard, National Review, American Spectator,, Frontpage Magazine, to name a few. They seem all too few when compared to the monstrous monolith of “the mainstream media”…New York Times, network TV, Time, Newsweek…Christiane Ammanpour and CNN. If not for the courage and determination of those on the right, we might have all been consumed by the fire of liberal guilt. By the way, we are not supposed to use the name of The Lord in vain (to no good purpose), but I hope He will forgive me for saying “Thank GOD Al Gore lost the presidency.”

The purpose of adding another voice to the chorus should be to enlighten, inform, and encourage. Serious thinkers are typically optimistic and constructive. This is a daunting task in the face the opposing philosophy from liberals (read:socialists), a culture of death that shouts for peace, cries for free speech while suppressing opposing opinion and touts reasoned argument while succumbing to emotion.

President George W. Bush has been a model of perseverance in the face of adversity for keeping us safe from further attacks. He is surrounded by enemies in the CIA, State Department, Congress…even shameful ex-presidents, whom he refuses to criticize. Take a lesson in class, Al, Bill, and “Jimma”…woops, sorry…Al is an ex-future-president.

Our President spoke to the United Nations today, 9/23. I could not help but think that his message of democracy and freedom as the organizing principles of choice for all peoples fell on mostly deaf ears. The UN is filled with petty and pretentious dictators and their henchmen who disdain such a message and are aware of his low job approval rating (primarily the result of relentless campaigning against the President) within his own country. This was probably a good laugh for them. For all his detractors in the UN, however murderous, cruel, and dreadful creatures that they may be, none are more treacherous, more deceitful, or more misguided, than the United States’ own Congressional Democrat Party members, some Republican members, and the “mainstream” press. They are the enemy within.

If the enemy within had been supportive instead of obstructive, the war on terror may have never reached the intensity it did, or lasted this long. An America united would likely have caused Al-Qaeda to be less emboldened, saving lives in Afghanistan and Iraq…and who knows where else?

The enemy within ignored plans proposed by the Administration to fix the looming mortgage problems before it became the current financial crisis – which they caused. They were too busy scheming to “get” the President, a man of conviction who had hurt them not one whit.

The enemy within contains many lawyers, who are occupying themselves with grand schemes to regulate doctors through universal health care plans, financiers with regulations, and manufacturers with EPA fiats. The lawyers, meanwhile, run amok, unaccountable, seeking constitutional protections for enemy combatants, and prison sentences for those who commit the crime of being – conservative. Wasn’t profiling supposed to be discouraged?

The enemy within plans to tax you, tax me, AND tax that fellow behind that tree. And maybe even the tree, if the EPA, Sierra Club, Wilderness Society, and ACLU don’t object. If they do, Congress will yield to their wishes immediately. The enemy within views the rest of us as economic wet rags they can ring dry at their whim. The socialists in Congress, and running for president, actually believe no one will change their behavior if taxes are raised. There is precedent; Congress believed everyone would stop drinking just because they said so by passing Prohibition. The socialist vice-presidential candidate, Senator Joe Biden (Democrat-Delaware) declares it “patriotic” to pay taxes, a concept unknown to House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel (Democrat-New York.) Gotta hand it to Charlie, though, he’s an old-fashioned thief. Just don’t report your income for ten years and blame it on your wife (the dog ate my homework!). No hi-falutin’ campaign donation schemes for him, like Senator Chris Dodd, Democrat-Connecticut, collecting from Countrywide and feigning innocence (What??? They went bankrupt???). Senator Dodd doesn’t have to worry about that “patriotism” thing. No, Senator Biden, Democrat-Unaware, you have confused tax-avoidance with jail-avoidance.

I submit American citizens have less to fear from Al-Qaeda than All-Congress. The observation by Toynbee, that great civilizations have fallen from within rather than from outside aggressors, is in the process of being played out here and now.

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