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by: Jake Jacobsen

As the electoral race heats up in its last several weeks, I find it interesting that one of the issues the candidates are going hammer and tongs on is support for amnesty.

Barack Obama insists that he, and only he, will deliver the amnesty that Hispanics clearly crave, and that John McCain is pandering to the worst parts of his deliciously evil base by promising to secure the border.

While John McCain retorts that, no, Barack Obama is clearly unserious about amnesty, having walked away on the amnesty bill that John McCain sponsored and that only he, the wrinkly white dude, will provide chocolates and scented oil backrubs to our delightful invaders.

This debate is rendered doubly curious when you consider just how unpopular it is with the American people in general. A recent Rasmussen poll found that 69% of Americans say controlling the border is more important than legalizing aliens, while the same 14% who enjoyed Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” thought the government was doing enough to secure our borders.

And of course there are other polls. A recent Las Vegas Review Journal poll showed that more than three quarters of Las Vegans desire secure borders, a border fence and employer sanctions.

Another interesting way to track the American people’s interest in this issue is elections. By way of example, when Chris Cannon (R-Mexico) won a challenge against a strong advocate of enforcement, he said it was “good news for President Bush and those seeking a consensus on immigration policy.” So it struck me as more than a little odd that the radio ad he chose to push right before the election stated

I’m Congressman Chris Cannon and I approve this message.” Female announcer: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Male announcer: “But Congressman Chris Cannon says only if they come here legally. That’s why Chris Cannon is fighting to pass legislation to strengthen our borders and toughen penalties on illegal immigration. And why Chris Cannon would require all immigrants to carry a tamper-proof ID card, or be deported. Fighting to stop illegal immigration. (Because it matters). Re-elect Congressman Chris Cannon.

Well, that’s about as stunning a victory for the “comprehensive nation state give-away” as we’ve seen in some time, no?

In fact, of the nearly thirty ‘Blue Dog Democrats’ that replaced Republicans in the last mid-term elections, every one ran to the right of their Republican challenger on border security. Then there’s Jim Pederson, who challenged Jon Kyl. He praised the 1986 amnesty, suggested an even bigger foreign worker program, and said he would fight hard to pass an amnesty…

Oh, yeah…and he lost.

Yet another way we try to keep our finger on the pulse of America regarding this issue is polls, specifically polls run by news organizations or politicians on issues important to their communities. The Christian Science Monitor offered a fairly standard poll asking what should be done about illegal aliens in this country 63% responded “deport them. Enforce the law.” During the amnesty debates, an Iowa paper asked their readers if they supported a ‘pathway to anarchy?’ 86% said no. Angus-Reid asked what was more important, gaining control of the border or providing amnesty,, and 68% thought securing the border was more important. While even 79% of uber-Liberal San Franciscans voted for illegal alien criminals to be deported in the wake of the savage murders of the Bologna family, and a global poll on immigration found 75% of Americans supported “restricting and controlling immigration.

The hilarious exemplar? Dems revealed after vigorously polling the issue that they would be utilizing harsher rhetoric to sell amnesty. Um, how about we don’t tell them the implicit joke in that, okay?

And after several humiliating amnesty ass whoopings lo these past several years, our elected Weaselsnakes tried to sneak another one through again last May, and sneak would be the operative term. As Senator Jeff Sessions said at the time: “There were no hearings on it and nobody had any idea that this was about to happen.”

Shall I let you in on a little secret? When Congress does things in the middle of the night, it’s a clue — a clue as to exactly how odious they know this issue to be to the average American.

So let’s ask the obvious question: what is the constituency for an amnesty? Don’t get me wrong — I’m quite certain there are people who support an amnesty — but enough to win an election?

And if not, why on God’s green earth are our two presidential candidates slugging it out over an issue that 60-80% of the American people are firmly against?

Jake Jacobsen writes for the Freedom Folks blog who are “Fighting Illegal Immigration One Post At A Time.” And is the producer for the weekly Youtube show Blogs 4 Borders.

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