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by: Don Bendell

As I write this, it is Wednesday, September 24, and John McCain has announced he is temporarily suspending his campaign and wants to postpone until next week the debate he has been aching to have which is scheduled in two days on September 26, as he feels it is too important to our nation’s security to resolve the Wall Street crisis first. McCain states that he and his opponent should return to Washington and work out a bipartisan resolution to the emergency. He gets it, and he once again “walks the walk.”

Barack Obama’s initial response is that he can do both, and wants the debate to go on, trying to show as a President he can multi-task. What he has shown, once again, is that he simply just does not get it, again refuses to reach across the aisle like McCain has done many times, and only “talks the talk.”

My good friend and former fellow Special Forces officer Vietnam veteran and fellow long time martial arts practitioner, Wall Street guru C. Austin “Bud” Burrell sent me numerous emails; months ago, predicting the monetary calamity that just occurred. Bud commented on how we as Army officers were trained and conditioned to be men of honor, just like John McCain was as a Navy officer. He was appalled and sickened and told me that members of congress and his industry had zero honor and did not care about the financial security of our nation, only feathering their own nests and should be jailed in droves. He also expertly opined that we would suffer another Great Depression if this was not handled immediately as an emergency matter.

President Bush just spoke and said he invited both candidates and congressional leaders to meet with him in a bipartisan manner on Thursday, September 25. That has forced Obama’s hand to work out the bipartisan resolution that McCain already suggested, and by the time you read this, all this will have happened, but I can predict the outcome: A bipartisan resolution and Obama trying to take credit.

Before being called to the White House, John McCain understands what we are facing, but obviously Barack Obama does not or does not care. What bothers me is that today his poll numbers went up a little, apparently because naïve and uninformed Americans believe Obama and his pundits when they keep up the class arguments depicting Republicans as greedy and uncaring about the little guy or the average Joe. Politically, Barack Obama has repeatedly said the current financial crisis was caused by “Bush-McCain economic policies.” Foolishly, people have believed this.

Although John McCain warned us about this two years ago, much of the fault of John McCain getting blamed for this crisis is due to the Republican party for not tooting its own horn properly, so let me try:

In just campaign contributions, Obama received over $125,000 from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Chris Dodd, the chairman of Senate Banking panel, got even more with $165,000 plus a substantial mortgage loan himself, and Hillary Clinton collected $75,000 in contributions from them. But that is the tip of the iceberg. But hey, why upset the iceberg? Afterall, it’s only “gigantic” beneath the surface.

Again, using his overused campaign tactic of trying to shackle and manacle John McCain to unpopular President G. W. Bush, Obama fails to realize that most Americans do know that Senator McCain has repeatedly ticked off Republicans as often as Democrats by always trying to do the right thing for our country regardless of party opinion. The prime example, is his courageous early backing of the now very-successful “surge” and the statement at the time that he would “rather lose an election than have our nation lose a war.”

Obama also fails to realize that the President he is dissing approached Congress seventeen times to clean up and provide good oversight of the financial giants and was repulsed by House and Senate democrats.

The bottom of the iceberg reveals there are two causes of this emergency. First of all, the feel-good Clinton Administration started affirmative-action loans, instead of solid-credit, good-payment-record loans. Secondly, Wall Streeters, government officials, republican and democrat alike, got greedy to our collective detriment.

Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson, both former Bill Clinton advisors and former Fannie Mae CEOs were paid $90 million and $21 million, respectively, in salaries in one year each while this giant started going upside down by billions and billions of dollars. After they grabbed their treasure chests filled with gold, where did these two stalwarts shuffle off to in their Brooks Brothers suits and fancy cars? They both became financial advisors to Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Guess what, even mentioning them I am still only revealing the tip of the iceberg.

It is no wonder that my pal Bud Burrell wrote me, “Small wonder that organized crime sees financial markets to be the new “drugs” business, just much larger and far more lucrative.”

Bud is correct. All they needed were a few guys like Congressman Barney Frank who shot down everyone, whether they be investigative journalists or republican congressmen who tried to get anywhere near the giants to investigate. Obama and his cronies did not even need a gun.

We are facing a massive global (not just US) recession and maybe even another Great Depression if this is not handled correctly and immediately. If you are an independent or undecided voter, I ask you this: Facing this, do you want a slick-talking used car salesman with a smooth line, or a man who is deliberate, country-oriented, and willing to suspend his own campaign to solve this financial crisis by working with all political and business leaders who are willing to sit down and become part of the solution, instead of the problem? John McCain being called a “Maverick” is a long-time nickname, not just a catchy new campaign slogan.

Finally, President George W. Bush correctly said, “The terrorists only have to be correct one time. We have to be correct every time.”

More September 11, 2001 attacks are being planned and foiled weekly by radical jihadists. With this economic 9-11 facing us, and another real 9-11 facing us, who will our fine brave fighting men and women want to follow in droves as commander-in-chief? A hero or a zero, as far as military experience, a legacy of command leadership, and respect for our flag, our military, and American tradition? Honestly, with your families lives on the line, which one would you follow? All of our lives and economic stability are most definitely on the line, so please choose wisely. McCain-Palin-2008, the Pilot and the Pitbull. Politics as usual will disappear, and America the Great will re-appear.

Any buffoon can learn to talk the talk: True leaders walk the walk.

Don Bendell, 61, is an author of 26 books including a number of military thrillers and westerns with over 1,500,000 copies of his books in print worldwide and is a popular editorialist who has appeared on FOX NEWS LIVE, many national radio shows, and his editorials have been published all over the world. A 1995 inductee into the International Karate Hall of Fame and a Grandmaster in 4 martial arts, he and his black belt master wife, Shirley, also own karate schools in southern Colorado. A 60% disabled vet, Don served as an officer in 4 Special Forces (Green Beret) Groups, including a 1968-1969 tour on an A-team in Vietnam, as well as in the Top Secret Phoenix Program and has sons serving in Special Forces now. His newest novel, DETACHMENT DELTA, about modern day Delta Force, will be released worldwide in the winter of 2008-2009 by Berkley Books (Penguin-USA). Don lives in Florence, Colorado. Write him at

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