We The People May Win Yet

By: Ken Hughes

We’re not sending our best and brightest to Washington, however as disconnected as congress is occasionally they get the message. In this case limited off shore drilling legislation just passed the house and now it’s on the way to the senate for total congressional approval. This reconsideration for the need of off shore drilling didn’t come from any efforts of Republican congress persons who stayed in session to send a message to their fellow congressmen it came because the people spoke. The people told recent vacationing congress persons Green is a color and an ideology not an energy source. The people spoke and the message from outside the Beltway was heard loud and clear. [Drill Now!]

Oil is the cornerstone of the American [worlds] economy it goes far beyond the fuel we burn in cars. Oil is an essential element for the majority of the products industry produces. And oil will still be around when those congress persons and……. [Pseudo] Environmentalists who oppose it now are long gone and forgotten.

The oil crises seem to be working its way out of the quagmire congress and the environmentalists created for it. Now there’s a new crises for congress to get their dirty little hands on. The financial markets are in a readjustment period. This is something that occurs every few years, some years it’s more sever than other years. The real estate market can’t collapse entirely, real estate is a tangible product and as long as there are liquid assets values can’t go to zero. If one house has value then all houses have value.

In the past eight decades America’s been through a number of crises, each seems to have been resolved without any serious consequences. Considering what the rest of the world’s gone through and America’s problems have been little more than warts on the skin and almost as easily gotten rid of. The nabobs of negativity prevail because people tend not to recognize Americans have lived a lifestyle the envy of most of the world. There are few societies who’re able to squander their God given recourses the way Americans do and are continually rewarded with more.

This will not be the first time the government’s bailed out an industry to prevent total economic collapse. In the past most of the time a bailout occurred it hasn’t cost the tax payers a dime, in fact the tax payers have benefited. In the past 38 years congress as authorized 12 bailouts to the tune of 650 [plus] billion dollars, so far America isn’t broke and it’s not in a state of depression. Congress persons feel the need for these turbulent times to justify their existence.

Twice in eight years the Bush administration sent legislation to congress to control lending practices, to limit Fannie May and Freddy Mack twice it was rejected. Allen Greenspan warned of the potential dangers in unregulated lending practices. John McCain made an attempt at slowing down Fannie May and Freddy Mack both surrogate government agencies. Both agreed to guarantee substandard loans to unqualified home buyers at the behest of liberal congress persons. Many of the new home buyers couldn’t discern between owning and renting. To many these new lower qualifications were just one more liberal attempt at social engineering. Many in congress were heavily invested in Fannie May and Freddy Mack stocks a deferent violation of the ethic rules.

If President Bush is guilty of anything it’s been not standing up to the excesses of the 110th congress. Not putting his veto power to better use. This congress has gone wild spending on personally motivated projects that have no benefit to the America people. Projects meant to pay off campaign debts, projects suggested by unscrupulous lobbyists on behalf of special interest groups. Not all lobbyists belong in shackles and chains. Not all special interests are evil, it’s just congress can’t tell the difference, political bribes are bribes regardless if they come from, Saints or Sinners.

Two very different men with very similar goals are vying for the presidency of this nation. By the time they reach the final days of the campaign they will have convinced themselves what they’re peddling is obtainable. It’s not, congress still controls the nations check book and thus has the final word on legislation, spending and taxing. Obama has yet to suggest he’ll ask congress for help with his proposed legislation to enact any of his changes. McCain is less arrogant. On more than one occasion he’s suggested he’ll consult with congress for special legislation necessary to enact any changes he proposes. Neither will have congresses total support.

Better government isn’t going to come about by voting for someone or anyone, only by voting against everyone how’s serving in congress now, only then can the government return to its origins. The constitution wasn’t written to protect the government from public abuses it was written to protect the people from governmental abuse. Today the constitution means what lawyers and judges say it means. To hell with those dedicated old men in Philadelphia who sacrificed everything so many years ago to make sure the people not layers rule the country.

Every national election there are rumbles of a third party, several are trying but they don’t seem to get anywhere. My I suggest rather than a third or more named parties we have two honest parties, one for and one against, they could be called the Yays and Nays, perhaps its time for a national referendum demanding honesty and accountability from all future political candidates.

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