Liberal Hat Trick

By: Guest Authors

By: E. Anthony Santo

Mid-Term 2006 Elections: Democratic Congressional control laid the foundation for the longest presidential and marketing campaign in history. The 2+ year investment by the Left to capture the White House, and retain Congressional Control could allow Supreme Court appointments of Judicial Activists with little resistance. As of October 2008 5 of 9 Supreme court Justices will be 70 years or older. June 26, 2008, Supreme Court Strikes Down DC Gun Ban case 5 to 4 decision… 2nd Amendment near miss Supreme Court

Roster Stats & Bios:

John Roberts (53 GW Bush)
Anthonin Scalia (72 Reagan)
Clarence Thomas (60 GHW Bush)
Samuel Alito (58 GWBush)
Anthony Kennedy (72 Reagan) Swing

John Paul Stevens (88 Ford)
David Souter (68 GHW Bush)
Ruth Bader Ginsberg (75 Clinton)
Stephen Breyer (70 Clinton)

Consider the Following:

2009 Post Election: A Democratic Administration, a Democratic Congress, the appointment of one or more Liberal Judicial Activists to the Supreme Court will mean all things liberal are possible, Nationalized Health Care, Nationalized Energy, and the ever popular, Breakfast, Lunch, and Birth Control Curriculum, grades K thru 12, The Left and the ACLU will have their “Living Breathing Document”. The Constitution will be irrelevant. The Founders intent for Limited Government, and Constitutional Balance could not have a greater application than now.

The obsessive quest by the Left and “Drive By Media” to discredit and destroy the credibility of Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin has provided necessary diversion and cover for the dynamic duo of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The latest of the Congressional Door-Prizes and bailouts will cost Trillions ( Bailout Cost Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac). With other institutional failures pending Rep Henry Waxman found time to table Steroid use in Baseball, to begin hearings into the Wall St Failures (Pelosi orders wide Wall Street probe). Having Congress investigating itself, is a bit like sending Joe Wilson to Niger to look for Saddam Hussein’s Yellowcake. It’s there but someone else will have to find it. All this and more brought to you in part by Congress, who’s significant accomplishments can be counted on one hand, and an approval rating of 17 % (remarkable considering 25% is given just for showing up).

With 50 Odd days to November 4 The Left and the Media will direct every attention to the Presidential Race, discredit/destroy opposition, and characterize every issue facing the nation as “Failed Policies of the Bush Administration” and continue to provide cover for Congress. The left cannot afford to lose Democratic Congressional control. As a Republic we cannot afford to lose Constitutional Balance.


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