Why I May Vote for Barack Obama

By: Jim Byrd

After watching the first of three presidential debates between Barack Obama and John McCain, I realized just how razor thin the veneer was between my not supporting Obama, and my supporting Obama for President. After watching the debate a couple of times with argus-eyed fixation, I started sensing certain characteristics of Obama that I had benightedly disregarded. Being inquisitive about my new found inclination for Obama, I sought confirmation. Fortunately, I knew where there lay a treasure trove of unbiased dictum, intellectual confirmation, and an exceedingly abundance of reality–The Huffington Post, and the Daily Kos. These two great pseudo gazettes, are an anomaly in the journalistic caste system. They are thriving with the left, despite the fact that the substance of their columnist’s product seems to suggest a GED rather than MBA, or PhD. But they had me at right wing radicals.

After perusing the musings of the hierarchical intelligentsia of mankind in the aforementioned domains of enlightenment, I felt the birth of an awakening within me. For some reason, I thought, along with conventional wisdom, John McCain had won the debate. If I had only knew, according to my newly discovered Thalia muses on the left, while watching the debate, that McCain was being drummed, beaten, made a fool of, destroyed, and intellectually played with by a thoughtful Barack Obama during the debate. Barack Obama for change we need. I can see that. We do need change, and I think Obama has the character to deliver us from the tribulations this country has been subjected to and he has the capability to drag, push, and cajole us out of our deep-seated malaise.

Just as there is a thin line between love and hate, the veneer separating my full support for Obama from my disdain for him is razor thin. There are just a few very tiny and minute issues that need to be reconciled within my cerebral faculties before crossing over. Obama should be given the benefit of the doubt.

The first small issue is with Obama’s relationship with the Rev. Wright. Obama sat in this man’s church for twenty years while Rev. Wright spewed racism, hate, lies, and some of the most Un-American rhetoric imaginable. Obama spent twenty years listening to Rev. Wright, being married by Rev. Wright, and having his children baptized by Rev. Wright. Obama does not recall anything negative coming out of Rev. Wright’s mouth. Now, most folks would believe that after twenty years of listening to your preacher, and not recalling his radical positions, you would either be a liar, or an idiot. Now I am sure Obama is neither a liar nor an idiot. Isn’t this expecting an awful lot out of a person to recall twenty years of hateful speech by their preacher of twenty years? In all honesty, there were only 1040 sermons in that time period. Let’s be realistic, and understand that it is hard to hear in the periphery when one is being thoughtful.

Speaking of hate, I am reminded of another tiny issue with Obama–William Ayers.

William Ayers is one of the founders of the domestic terrorist organizations that bombed, or attempted to bomb, pretty much anything related to the U.S. government during the 1960′s and 1970′s. They operated like a large fraternity of Timothy McVeigh’s only not as smart or successful–if you count killing American citizens, as does Ayers, as a success. William Ayers just so happened to be a neighbor of Obama’s. Surely nothing other than coincidence. Oh, and he also just happened to jump start Obama’s political career in his house. After all, they are neighbors, and what are neighbors for. And one other thing, just doing what neighbors do, Ayers serendipitously just so happened to raise millions of dollars for Obama’s political campaigns. And being the good neighbor, that Obama was just friendly with and nothing more, Ayers just so happened to appoint Obama to the board of a trust that he operated, and together they distributed over forty million dollars to left wing radical organizations. They are neighbors after all, and I must believe these are neighborly things to do. This will not sour my growing affection for Obama.
Speaking of neighbors I am reminded of a guy named Tony Rezko.

Tony Rezko and Obama were neighbors also. They say you can’t pick your neighbors, but Rezko sure was nice enough to pick Obama as a neighbor by being neighborly and picking out a house for Obama. And being a good future neighbor, he even worked some sort of great deal for Obama to get the house on the cheap, since Rezko bought the lot next door and juggled some numbers and a whole lot of other neighborly financial things, and presto–cheap mansion for Obama. That Tony, what a guy. What else could Tony Rezko do since Obama routed millions of dollars to Tony to help build some really nice apartments in the poorer parts of Chicago. Now Tony was recently convicted of numerous felonies, and sadly so, for the really nice apartments were falling apart and declared unlivable. What is wrong with that?– they were already a couple of years old at that point. But that should not be a reflection on Obama–you did not see him out there with a hammer. How could you hold him responsible for the bad construction? I believe Obama, no matter how felonious this looks for him, to receive a pass on this one. This is such a small issue, I think I can get past it.

And speaking of real estate, I am reminded of the current Wall Street crisis that was caused by an inordinate amount of sub-prime mortgages.

How can Obama be even remotely held responsible for the disastrous implosion of the home mortgage industry? I mean he was a community organizer, and the groundwork for the implosion was being laid in the 1980′s by the great Socialist Experiment under the esteemed Jimmy Carter, and accelerated during the Clinton Administration. After all, Obama was a just community organizer. So what if he has strong ties to community organization group, ACORN, the organization that used Mafioso tactics to blackmail lending institutions, and then Congress, to force the lenders to give substandard loans to substandard borrowers. How can you blame Obama? He was in the same position that Congress wants to place the credit card companies in. It is not the users of the credit cards that have run the balances up and cannot make the payments, it is the credit card company’s fault for issuing the cards. Its Congress’ fault for passing the laws, not the community organizers fault for pressuring them to loosen up the lending standards.
Speaking of loosening, I am reminded of Joe Biden’s mouth.

I understand your menological miscalculation by believing you were in the U.S. Senate in regard to your most gut-wrenching decision to stand up and be against the war in Iraq. Never mind that you were not in the U.S. Senate until almost two years after the congressional vote to invade Iraq. It is just a miscalculation in numerics. I mean, after all, Joe Biden, who probably has a higher I.Q. than most, was under the impression that FDR was in office in 1926 instead of Herbert Hoover. And FDR even went on television, which was not available at the time, to calm the public. Joe even had a quote from that televised event. I believe, that you believe, you were in the Senate standing up against the Iraq war, and can somehow feel your gut-wrenching decision. I also believe that Joe Biden believes FDR was the President in 1929. I understand.

And speaking of understanding, I am reminded of the U.S. Constitution and your being a professor of constitutional law.
Since you were a constitutional law professor at the University of Chicago, and almost every opinion you have had concerning constitutional law since becoming a Congressman, state and federal, has been antithetical to the original meaning of the Founding Fathers, I understand. I don’t agree, but I understand. You’re in the business of getting elected and re-elected, so how much success would you have had with the left wing loons that elected you if you actually followed the original meaning of the Constitution. Which would explain your peculiar adoration for the four sitting constitutional anarchists sitting on the Supreme Court. How archaic, all that morality, those freedoms, and those pesky limitations on the Federal Government. I am trying to see the big picture here, and not just limit myself to some ancient parchment that could present itself as a barrier to change I can believe in. The Founding Fathers were just a bunch of right-wing radicals anyway.

That about sums up the pettiness of my issues, except for just a few microscopic ones left dangling, that I am sure could be bridged. I am sure your ignorance on Iraq, Afghanistan, a nuclear North Korea, an aggressive military buildup by China, your anticipation of the decimation of the military, and the dismantling of the Missile Defense System while the world around us is either arming, or preparing to arm, themselves with nuclear weapons at an alarming rate. Your perpetuating of infanticide. Your ignorance on the economy by promising to add approximately one trillion in government programs you want further burden a weak economy with, including, but not limited to, socialized medicine, while at the same time cutting government revenue by raising the capital gains tax, the corporate tax, and increase the tax on the wealthy. That’s a lot of doom and gloom, which reminds me of, well, doom and gloom.

There is one other small issue that has stuck in my head since you and your wife came on the national political scene, I am trying to think of just one particular moment when either you, or your wife, made one positive statement about this country other than drone on and on about how horrible the conditions of this country is in. And if we could just do something about the lying. All politicians lie, but your lie to truth ratio is unprecedented. Word to the wise, remember what Lincoln said, “No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar.” Your memory is obviously subpar. Maybe you could work on your memory, take a course, or something.

But you do seem to have a lot of support from productive and intelligent people. A recent Gallup poll of 1000 adults believe the economy in a depression– not a recession–a depression. Approximately 40% of the adult population does not pay any income tax. And you tax plan would raise that to 50%. You really do understand the adage, when you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul’s vote. Yes, Senator Obama, you certainly seem to have the ne plus ultra of the moral, patriotic, and intelligentsia behind you. But then again, the depression remarks could just be the prophetic meanderings of your minions with regard to the economy if you are elected.

And speaking of support and representation, I am reminded of your Congressional cohort’s support the American tax payer today as opposed to politicizing a grave issue.

While the House of Representatives, led, no less, by one Nancy Pelosi, the most demonstratively stupid individual to hold that position, bar none. She has partisanized, politicized, and soiled the rescue plan of up to 750 billion dollars, but in reality, it would cost less than half that, with her unsophisticated Machiavellian tactics. The rescue plan, though unpalatable, had the potential to be a profit generating plan for taxpayers if implemented correctly, but with one caveat: it would have to be completely managed out of the grasp of Congress. The U.S. stock market dropped 777 points, causing the world markets to crash, all from Pelosi’s politicizing, yes Pelosi–as she is the Speaker of the House, when she should have been using her position to lead and craft out a package to salvage a rapidly deteriorating stock market, and use her leadership position as Speaker to bring the House of Representatives together for a non-partisan approval–yet she did just the opposite. The result was the stock market dropped the tune of 1.1 trillion dollars, and that was just in the U.S. Markets crashed all over the world because of Nancy Pelosi. And whose money is in the market that dropped by 1.1 trillion? The American citizens’ money and their retirement accounts. Pelosi, of all people, knows it is not easy work to achieve and maintain a 10% approval rating.

Speaking of Pelosi, I am reminded of leadership.

And bully for you, Senator Obama, for not making a fool of yourself by standing up to your party for the first time in your shallow, political career, and chastising them for playing politics while the economic health of this country is spiraling out of control. And by the by, you might want to stop crying about how Republican deregulation caused this mess. It was actually regulations that caused it. It was Democrat regulations, coerced by community organizers-especially ACORN, that caused it–spin it, twist it anyway you want, but it is a fact. They regulated the mortgage industry, with a gun to their heads, by forcing them to make these bad loans. A free market is not a free market when you are regulated to make a bad decision that you would ordinarily not make because of an inordinate amount of risk, i.e. the red lining of loans by banks from people in certain areas, with poor credit, no down payment, and no ability, to pay the mortgage, but I digress. They don’t call you The Great Uniter for nothing.
I don’t think we are that far apart, Senator Obama, if we could just get past these few teeny, tiny issues, you could probably have my vote.

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