A Spoonful of Sugar

By: Patti Bankson

Sometime back Congress thought the Baseball / Steroid issue was a matter of grave importance, so they held public hearings. Remember? Such high drama. Cameras and microphones, a more genteel version of the perp walk, and athletes grilled ‘til they were well-done. If I recall correctly, those hearings arose from a deep concern for we the people, and our children, who see athletes as heroes. But in the end, we still only knew that somebody might have pumped up their bodies to pump up their games, and whoever did whatever was probably lying… and the politicians were more pumped up with hot air than the athletes were with steroids.

I bring that up because we’re now supposed to be facing what we’re being told is the complete and utter collapse of our country’s finances. A matter of grave importance. Yet, while we’re being told that there is no money for homes, cars, or college educations, and we’re being told that “the other guy” is responsible for the mess, we’re being asked to just take someone’s word on how we got here and whodunit. Why no public hearing?? Could it be because some of the people who were supposed to be guarding the hen house were among those stealing the (golden) eggs?

While we’re sitting in the dark, praying we survive with our wallets, homes and savings intact, today (Wednesday) both presidential candidates, along with the other Senators, are talking about what they’re going to GIVE us in the bail-out bill. Why? Because we the people overwhelmed the Capitol with our phone calls and emails saying we don’t want a bail out. But, instead of really listening to what we were saying, they decided that if they changed the bill’s name from “bail-out” to “rescue”, and threw in a little Mary Poppins… “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”… they could go ahead and do what they want, and we’d be so happy unwrapping our Christmas-in-October presents that we wouldn’t even notice. I hope they’re wrong. I hope that the Capitol will be overwhelmed again.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Scrooge… I love Christmas and presents as much as anyone else, but somebody has to foot the bill. And I learned a long time ago that just having checks left in my check book, doesn’t guarantee that there’s still money in the account… that just having merchants accept my piece of plastic doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to pay the charges when they show up. If we haven’t all learned that lesson yet, we may be about to, the hard way. And it’s not enough to lay it off on someone else. We all need to look past the shiny paper and pretty bows to see that the underlying philosophy here isn’t just part of the problem, it is the problem. People can cheer as loud and as long as they want when a politician rails against the CEOs of these failed and failing companies, but the truth is that the people doing the cheering are no different from those CEOs… it’s all a matter of people wanting things they can’t afford and know they can’t pay for. The big business CEOs just do it on a grander scale.

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