Palin Debates Biden, Ifell & Tradition

By: Ken Hughes

The Political Candidates, the Media and Congress are a great deal alike. None is bound by the truth and can hide their sins behind denials with impunity. Lying comes as natural to a politician as it does to a teenager. The media doesn’t deliberately lie, they just inaccurately report the news and don’t bother to correct their errors.

The first of the [one on two] presidential debates have begun. The moderators are Jim Lehrer for McCain / Obama debate and Gwen Ifell for the Palin / Biden debate. Both moderators are reporters for National Public Television. PBS-TV liberal bias stands squarely between CNN and MSNBC as the liberal spokes source. Gwen Ifell has shown her liberal leanings in previous debates. Suggesting Palin will be debating two liberal advisories at the same time is an interesting concept, her success of failure will surely assure her credentials for the vice presidency. If she can survive liberalism and the media’s inaccurate assessment she’s qualified for the job.

Gwen Ifell’s book praising Obama wasn’t brought up prior to the McCain / Palin camp agreeing to the rules of the debate. Will it be to Palin’s disadvantage or will it depict Ifell in a bad light? Should it have been disclosed before tonight’s debate?

The formats for debates never seem to stay the same they’re continually changing in an obvious attempt to make them more informative and interesting. This style debate seldom works the questions are usually rehashing statements previously made by the candidates. The moderator’s benign questions seldom tell the voters what they want to know about the candidate. Weeks of preparation go into these debates by both the candidates and the moderators making the debates about as spontaneous as heartburn.

A true debate would be a Lincoln / Douglas style, or even better a Town Hall format where the audience ask question from the floor. The audience is far more qualified asking questions of interest to the public than a reporter [i.e.] Washingtonian, those pundits who seldom get out of sight of a politician and into the bowls of American society. Political pundits and media reporters seem to think they are us and therefore are qualified to do our thinking for us……….. Not So!

Politicians go to any lengths to disguise their warts when it’s their warts that define them as human beings. To [paraphrase] Sarah Palin when ask if all the medias digging into her past and coming up with the supposed dirt in her life her response was basically, “When the digging gets past the dirt they’ll find the gold” or words to that effect. For some reason most politicians and media types believe they’ve risen above the common folk. They see themselves as a special breed to forever be known as “Washingtonians of the Beltway”. The Title “Washingtonian” supersedes all others man is identified by. If for no other reason this disqualifies them to be reporters and politicians.

American politics resembles Sumo wrestling, two over indulgent men enter a circle, bow throw salt around grunt then push each other around until one is pushed out of the circle. They bow grunt again and wait for the next opportunity to enter the ring. Their performances seldom accomplish much the real work is all done behind the scenes by their assistance [bureaucrats.]

Both Senators McCain and Obama are blowing smoke at the voters. These men are perfectly aware of those things sacrosanct to congress, things no president can change. Healthcare, education, energy however public attention has changed congress to accept a more reasonable position on energy. Congress has some secret closets president aren’t privy to. This is where they keep the next political issues meant to scare the hell out of the public. Congress prevails and prospers by the amount of havoc they can keep in the publics mind. Problems for politicians are like ice cream and cookies are to children.


Real people, by that I mean voters not pundits and handlers think Sarah Palin either won or at least matched Joe Biden in the debate.

There may have been a time when Joe Biden could claim he’s the boy next door but that was over 30 years ago today he’s a Washingtonian through and through. Sarah Palin came in off the Alaskan tundra five weeks ago. America hasn’t seen that much of a homespun approach to politics since Harry Truman campaigned for president. Sarah Palin for not being with the political in crowd proved to be a match for a veteran political blowhard like Biden. The questioning was fair Gwen Ifell went out of her way to not show a bias, having said that the questioning was still the typical Washingtonian mantra. Few of the questions were of any real interest to Jim and Jane Six-pack. When the dust settles Sarah Palin may not have won the debate by Washington standards but she ignited the debate from what normally would be the dullest thing since Jimmy Carters acceptance speech. If McCain / Palin pull this off it will be because of Sarah Palin and not John McCain. As for that heart beat away crap
I’ll take Palin 24/7

Political debates are a gift that keeps on giving to politicians.

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