What Now?

By: Guest Authors

By: Eddie Clements

Ever seen a fly freshly caught in a spider web? First comes the freeze of sheer surprise. Then, there begins a violent struggle to escape, to eventual exhaustion, and finally consumption at the hunter’s leisure. The events of the past two weeks have proceeded with such a web of deceit spun by Congress and a complicit media it makes one feel we are all flies trapped in a closet full of spiders.

We are on our way to socialism. Despite Governor Ed Rendell’s protests on Saturday’s Fox News segment with Neil Cavuto, it is inevitable. The Governor suggests it won’t be a rotten Communist state like the Soviet Union. We will have our own brand of socialism, with a capitalist mix, but it will stink just as bad, if you like freedom.

The problem with the ascendancy of Marxism in Russia was that it was tried in the wrong place. Granted, Lenin was Russian, and it was the only place available with the right conditions at the time. Unfortunately for them, and good for us, was that the proletariat had few means of production to seize. Russia was then as now primarily an economy based on mineral extractions rather than production of goods and services. They tried it anyway, and we know how that came out.

Here, the means of production are myriad and manifest. Democrats fairly drool over the prospect of all that revenue they can confiscate and subsequently control. “Control” means that the goodies go to their friends and anyone who wants to get something or do something has to toe the party line. Democrats like Senator Obama think behavior will not change if taxes are raised, businesses are stifled with onerous regulations, and income is blatantly redistributed. These are all evils our very country was founded to eliminate.

What defies reason, though, is why John McCain wanted to run for President, if he is unwilling to attack evil when it stares him in the face. Barring a miracle performance at Tuesday’s debate, or Divine Intervention of some other kind, he faces almost certain defeat. Ordinarily it would be unwise to bet against a man who has stared down death many times. But being a well-intentioned, honorable hero isn’t enough. You still have to apply the sword. Just saying you have one and showing it makes little difference to an armed, determined and unprincipled enemy. Unable to stir enough conscientious voters to either vote for him or against Obama, the Democrat/Socialist will win.

Senator McCain was done in finally by that lousy “bailout”. The Democrats boxed in Republicans: if they went along, the plan to put America on the road to socialism proceeds. If they rejected it, Democrats would blame Republicans for any resulting economic fallout. Eventually, pressure would mount to pass a “bailout” that would have taken place only after many businesses, and pension plans, had failed. Republicans would be roundly condemned again. Socialism delayed is not socialism denied. Note that Republicans got the blame anyway.

Nothing has changed, nor will it, as long as voters are immune to facts, or are unwilling to discern right from wrong. As Victor Davis Hanson put it in a recent article, and as others have said, we have gotten the government we deserve, because in a democracy we vote for it. We voted in favor of the current mess.

Why a mess? Isn’t this a good thing, with a continuing flow of credit, homeowner preservation, and pension plan safety? Haven’t we muddled through adequately, with perhaps a tidy profit for the U.S. government coming a few years hence? The answer can only be NO, for one big reason: Barack Obama. He is the recipient of voter perceptions that he can “handle” the economy better than McCain. This was effected in part because Senator McCain voted in favor of the very kind of bill he has spent months trying to convince voters he is against, removing a major premise of his campaign theme. What kind of “change” is there that looks, acts, and feels exactly like the thing that has always been? How is refusing to attack Democrats that commit criminally suspect acts to be sold as “reform”? Does he truly believe his behavior will be reciprocated? He is well known to attack Republicans readily. Does he really believe Democrats will police their own? There is no recent evidence of that whatsoever, just as there is no recent evidence that Democrats in Congress will act on behalf of the general welfare as prescribed by the preamble to the Constitution. Congress today is a case study in dereliction of duty, among other things.

But, back to Obama. An Obama administration will not be pretty; no amount of lipstick will beautify that pig. At first exposure to him, he seemed easy going and “likeable enough”, to use the phrase he applied, condescendingly, to Senator Clinton. (Where is she, anyway? Plotting in the Tower?) Now he appears cynical and foreboding, like a former snake-oil salesman on the road to supreme dictator. No, this is not overstating. Besides reparations, which are a given, expect these things from an Obama regime: return of the “Fairness Doctrine”, with the purpose of curtailing criticism; more taxes, due to a need to bolster a failing economy, or some such; the evisceration of the military, with resulting global destabilization; more regulations, across the board; increased surveillance of the private sector, a la’ the despotic and thankfully deposed Elliot Spitzer, and attendant criminal charges against Republicans; the rise in influence of organizations that had Communist beginnings like the ACLU, ACORN, International ANSWER. The U.N. will be ascendant, the International Criminal Court will bring charges against U.S. soldiers for “war crimes”, and the scope of “hate crimes” will be expanded. A move to declare martial law over some real or manufactured “incident” and seize power over an extended time would not be surprising. All this and more will make Orwell’s 1984 come close to actualization. The damage he can do in just four years could take decades to undo, if ever.

Why so glum? Wouldn’t an Obama regime bring peace, prosperity, and renewal? Improved race relations, global cooperation, environmental enhancements? Oh, he’s just wonderful, how can you say those awful things?

Because observations of his own statements and a lifetime of observing human behavior show he is the con-man who has fallen for his own con. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who never uttered a sermon Obama didn’t like, even said they both believe the same things, they just speak to different audiences. Obama’s a politician, he’s a preacher. Wright has to be a con-man also. It stretches the imagination to believe God whispered in Wright’s ear to preach the Gospel in His church. The hate-filled words that Wright spewed in one sermon that we are all so familiar with belie his pretensions to Christianity. As proof, remember the sinner Wright did not beg forgiveness for his transgressions, but instead appeared defiantly before an audience in public, on camera, to unequivocally declare his beliefs. Obama is simply following one of the people he describes as his role-models.

There is hope. An asteroid with an Earth-crossing orbit could strike the heartland and Senator McCain might show impressive president-style leadership in handling the resulting crisis, while Obama stutters and stammers his way to confusion, obscurity, and ultimate defeat, since it might not be blamed on Republicans (NY Times headline: Republicans cut funding for Early-Warning RADAR!) That appears unlikely. A terrorist attack might do the same, but seems even less likely. If Al-Qaeda has any sense, they will leave the U.S. alone, as we are on our way to destruction without their help. Our current most virulent enemy is Congress.

My solution: Senator McCain, attack, attack, attack, and I mean the Democrat Party, not Republicans. Show you actually want to be Our President. Name names, addresses, and phone numbers. You had a good answer on The View – “This is a person who chooses his words carefully”. Tell that to all America, so they know what you think! You are right! The people behind Obama who stood and cheered knew exactly what he meant! You will not win their votes anyway – say what we all know to be true – Obama made a crude reference to the sitting Governor of a sovereign state, an intended insult that he tried to give a slick lawyer evasion of the next day. Turn Governor Palin loose, with a few less gosh-darn-its. Don’t wanna be too cute by half. She has a personal appeal that can’t be taught or bought. Let her be the rightful heir to Reagan, whom she quoted directly in her debate with the lamentable Joe Biden.

It’s now or never.

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