Just Plain Sarah & Just Plain Joe Six-pack

By: Ken Hughes

Sarah Palin is a refreshing new face in national politics. She has that lady next door look about her, something most Joe and Jane Six-pack Americans can relate to. Because Sarah Palin is folksy doesn’t mean she’s vulnerable, gullible or stupid. Anyone who’s capability of field-dressing Moose and fishing commercially and becoming governor of our largest state isn’t apt to be intimidated by many people regardless of their liberal credentials. Alaska isn’t Georgetown Alaskans are tough not necessarily sophisticated slick operators but capable of discerning fact from fiction. From my prospective this campaign has three Washingtonians and one solid citizen. In my book that seems to be a fair balance, one real person is worth three politicians any day.

The founding fathers were a group of unassuming men whose only mission was to remove the shackles that bound the Colonists to Mother England. Had the King of England chosen to recognize the Colonies as an autonomous state within the English Empire, today America would only be a word in the dictionary.

Obama / Biden are a lot like the Kings of England they expect citizens of America to pay their taxes and never question why. McCain / Palin are like the founding fathers they want explanations before shelling out unquestionable sums of money on nonsensical programs. For the past 75 years the underachievers have had the advantage, now it’s the tax payers turn.

Sarah Palin is a novice to Washington politics. She went head to head with one of congresses most prolific prevaricators and held her ground. For someone not accustomed to the ponzy [now you see it now you don’t] games the Washingtonians religiously play Sarah Palin did very well. It seems to be incumbent on the media to find someone or something to ply their negativity to. I think it was William Randolph Hurst when asked why his papers didn’t publish more good news his reply was “Good isn’t News!” Sarah Palin has become the media topic for the present. The old adage goes “Say anything you like about me just spell my name right.” The McCain / Palin campaign couldn’t afford to pay for the publicity they’re getting because of Palin. For as much as the Media would like to think they’re the driving force behind the new information age, they’re not. Public opinion of the media as a whole isn’t much better than it is of the United States Congress. That why the negative publicity plays we ll for Sarah Palin, their picking on her and she loves it. Sarah Palin is far from Little Red Riding Hood on the way to Grannies house and Biden isn’t the wolf.

Sarah Palin’s attraction is she’s what you see she’s not pretentious, neither above nor below the average voter, what you see and hear is what you get, that’s refreshing in a national election. We don’t see many Joe and Jane Six-packs willing to step into that circle of sharks called the Washingtonians. Democrats spend a great deal of time and effort trashing their opponents. Could it be because they have such a low opinion of themselves they think the rest of society’s in the gutter with them? Liberalism is stripping America of God and morality in the name of social progress. America became the greatest nation on earth because of God and morality. Liberal social engineering is slowly bringing us down to the level of many third world countries.

The world’s view of America hasn’t changed because of George Bush it’s changed because America has become a land of liberal moral cowards. There was a time when the world knew no matter how badly it was treated America was ready and able to come to the aid of those in need regardless of cause. There are still those few who stand against the crowd to serve and protect. They wear the uniforms of our military, police and fireman. It takes courage to face death each day and never question the commitment. The 110th Congress under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid lack such courage, they are this countries moral cowards.

A proud moment in television history came this past week when Bill O’Reilly called Congressman Barney Frank a coward in front of an audience of millions and told him he was immoral for his handling of the Fannie May situation of course Frank lied about his involvement. Back in the mid 90’s when Barney Frank’s lover was second in charge of FM it was an absolute conflict of interest. Barney Frank has much to account for in the current financial crises.

For the past two years corruption and self entitlement have run rampant in congress. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid haven’t been able to keep a lid on congressional greed and self aggrandizement. The Kings and Queens of the world pale in congresses presence. There’s a lot wrong with America and most of it is in Washington. Congress has strayed far and wide from the intentions of the founders plan for this nation. The articles of the constitution were written to protect the people from an oppressive government. Through an array of amendments and illegal proclamations and mandates congress has turned the constitution on the people.


The constitution states all rights not explicitly granted to the federal government shall be the right of the individual states, [no exceptions]

There’s no greater example of cowardice than the Supreme Courts ruling, Roe v Wade. Roe v Wade is not a law it’s an opinion. The Supreme Court has no authority to make laws only to rule on them. Roe v Wade pertained only to the State of Texas laws on abortion. 50 States and the U S Congress haven’t had the [guts] to address one of the most critical domestic issues this country faces. The assumption abortion is legal and not murder has never been addressed in any court in the land. Personally never having been pregnant I have no opinion on the morality of abortion I do on its legality, murder is illegal under any circumstances. I don’t believe it’s a woman’s right to chose, it’s only a woman’s right to insist on practicing birth control. There are at least two others involved in a pregnancy, the father and the fetus, all the P C hogwash abortionists spread can’t cover up these facts. All of the scare arguments the pro-abortion crowd make pertains to less than 1% of abortions. Abor
tion is Liberal social engineering at its worst.

The Declaration of Independence says “We the People” not we the Congress. It’s time to remove arrogant congress persons with………“Term Limits”………. and bringing God and Morality back to our government

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