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October 9, 2008

President Palin? Hell Yes!

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Where have the months gone? It seems as though the Iowa caucus was just yesterday. Yet here we are less 30 days from the election. The question is important because so many major issues need to pondered and decided …

What Part Of “Shall Not Be Infringed” Don’t You Understand, Senator?

In her brief time in the national spotlight, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, if nothing else, has rejuvenated the debate in this country regarding certain fundamental values. Interestingly, not all of this stems directly from the candidate’s spoken …

Do We Really Want to Fix Washington Politics?

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Barack Obama’s candidacy and rhetoric are laying the groundwork for a terrible crash. The crash will come when voters – many young, some older – discover that a President Obama can’t begin to deliver what he pledges: national harmony …

Who Really Lost the Debate Between Palin and Biden?

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The Joe Biden and Sarah Palin debate, when completed, presented a mathematical anomaly–there were two debaters, yet innumerable losers. During the debate on Thursday evening, two people had to be languishing in a state of bewilderment as to who …


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He is a liar too. And now he’s being called out on it so that the world can see him as he truly is: a monster. By now, I am sure there are not too many people who …

Of Keith Olbermann, the VP Debate, and Masturbation

Filed under: Academia, Media & Hollywood - 09 Oct 2008

Following the VP debate on Thursday, Keith Olbermann shared his astute observations with his viewers (mostly family, moonlighting pharmacists, and on-call psychiatric nurses) about the opinion piece written by National Review editor Rich Lowry.

Barack Obama’s Cop-Killer Supporters

While Barack Obama’s friends and supporters in the news media downplay his friendship and business relationship with former terrorist and Marxist university professor Willam Ayers, one aspect of the Ayers terrorism saga that’s totally ignored is his reputation as a …