From Conservatism to Capitalism with Liberals Left in the Dust

By: Guest Authors

By Ryan L. Needler

Today, conservatives get a bad wrap. War mongers, racists, exploiters of the poor, selfish, environmental pillagers, are just some of the terms used by the left-wing to describe us. Not entirely their fault mind you as the conservative image has arguably been tarnished, but more importantly the messengers have done an awful job of marketing it. Of course, on top of all this, the media is loving (and fueling) the downward spiral.

Much of this anti-conservative rhetoric can be blamed on the George W. Bush presidency. Not necessarily because of the mistakes that have been made (which there have been many) but the complete lack of marketing any triumphs that have made this Country a better place. The liberals always brag about their accomplishments, usually going on about some new social program that will supposedly fix a problem with more money and more government.

The dividend and capital gains tax rates are at an all time low, thanks to conservatives in the White House. While these two taxes should always be minimal, 15% regardless of which tax bracket you are in is a step in the right direction. This rewards risk and investment. Furthermore, it entices retiree’s (read the massive baby-boomer generation) to stay in the market and receive tax efficient income from dividends. In addition, these initiatives (along with income tax cuts) actually increased tax revenue for the Government. More investment means more profits which means more taxes paid in the long run.

The Democratic Party has moved further left in recent elections, Al Gore, John Kerry, Howard Dean, and Nancy Pelosi. These are not JFK Democrats. Heck they are not even Bill Clinton Democrats. Running a campaign based on tax increases used to political suicide, but not anymore thanks to a general distaste for conservative policies. Such a shame as the last thing the government needs to more of our hard earned dollars.

If an example of what higher taxation does to a society is needed, look no further than Europe. The U.S economy is currently in a horrible state, yet we have a far better unemployment rate than Europe (approx. 5.5% U.S, 7.5% France, 8.5% Germany). Higher taxes penalize success and reward meritocracy. Furthermore, these higher taxes are used to increase government social spending, creating a quasi welfare state with lower self-reliance. Fortunately so far, Americans have rejected these socialist ideals as they prefer to take responsibility for their own future with minimal government involvement. As a result, on average we pay less for automobiles, gasoline, auto insurance, wireless fees, food, clothing, housing (per sq. ft.), and the list goes on. The free market means more competition which means more power to the consumer.

How to get the positive conservative message back on track? First admit the mistakes. While the current Republican foreign policy has strong points (mostly in theory), many mistakes have been made. These mistakes must be taken with a grain of salt because the fact of the matter is the Islamofacists are occupied with fighting on their own soil rather than ours. We should all be thankful for that. We must, however, admit the mistakes in Iraq, while at the same time offer reasonable and realistic solutions for troop withdrawal and a focus on Afghanistan and other problem regions. Obviously certain U.S interests and forces will have to remain in Iraq going forward for stability and management. This should reduce costs and provide the Iraqi government with more internal control while getting American soldiers out of harms way. Is the world better off without another dictator in the Middle East? Most likely, but he’s officially gone now, so there’s no point in worrying about that argument. We must focus on providing an optimistic view of the future.

Republicans need to return to being Wall Street’s party of choice. Low taxes, minimal government interference in the market, and a balanced budget. If there is a true disaster of the Bush Presidency it’s been spending. Although, again, this must be taken with a grain of salt regardless of the Liberal argument that the deficit is the worst it’s even been. As a % of GDP, the debt is not as bad as it was in the early 90’s. It is definitely recoverable, but we must address the problem immediately.

Capitalism is what allows every person to achieve their own success. It allows people work hard, take risks, and reap the rewards. Socialism essentially redistributes the wealth to people that, apparently, need it, from people that, apparently, don’t need it. The government decides how much, but more often than not, they always want more. This is not the America I know, nor is it the one I want to see. Its time we let our so called “leaders” know this and demand that our voice be heard.

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