The Leader

By: Eddie Clements

There once was a young man who lived a rather decent but in some ways hard-scrabble existence about the 1890’s. His father was a harsh disciplinarian and a career bureaucrat. The boy excelled at competitive activities and showed a proclivity towards leadership, more out of a determination to lead rather than the type of innate talent toward which followers easily gravitate. He displayed classic Victorian manners. He was likable and talkative enough, but strangely distant. After his father’s passing the mother was left with the chore of raising the youngster. The boy loved his mother, and she loved him. After she took ill he worked like a plough-mule to keep her alive as long possible. Inevitably overcome after two years of heart-rending struggle, the boy was basically left all alone.

The state had provided support for a while, but he failed art school, despite showing some talent for architectural-style drawings. He found himself homeless and destitute. He wandered the streets of Vienna for about two years, eating when he could get a handout, willing to work but unqualified by both temperament and inexperience for a meaningful job. He slept wherever he could find shelter, which was sometimes under a bridge or in alleys.

Then he discovered a cause which would change his life forever. With the outbreak of war he found a cause to believe in, excelling at his duties and receiving medals for bravery. He was honorably discharged from service after the war, but remained embittered by defeat of his nation and vague feelings of betrayal from some ethereal sabotageurs. Thus armed he entered politics, aligning himself with like-minded souls who didn’t mind employing rough-and-tumble to get their way.

He rose quickly to leadership in this seminal opposition party, but a failed grab for power resulted in a criminal conviction and short imprisonment. While in prison he wrote a book espousing his opinions and what he thought were the causes of current national ills. After securing his release, the young man who had succeeded at little in life renewed his quest for power. Shouting his philosophy from street corners to anyone who would listen, he reasserted his leadership in his party and eventually rose to electorally challenge the sitting chancellor of Germany, becoming leader of that nation.

I know that by now, dear readers, you have figured out the subject and direction of this treatment. Those who might turn away in disgust or disinterest, I beg your kind indulgence a little further. Please bear in mind I, your writer, have no ax to grind other than to preserve the very freedoms which allow us to come together under these circumstances of free speech and freedom of assembly (Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, Article 1.) This and other freedoms we cherish under that magnificent, cogent, and concise document are in grave danger. Yes, grave; there is no other kind.

Adolph Hitler gave speeches during his rise to power and afterward which were roundly admired. He would often begin speaking softly, moving into normal voice, then involve his audience through excited remonstrations with increasing volume and hand movements. They usually ended with a crescendo of approval, with widespread feelings of shared values and experience throughout the gathering. The rise to power was aided by an armed unit called the SA (the famous storm troopers), which was abandoned and reshaped after it was no longer useful. This unit provided an audience at speeches, making them look more popular than they might otherwise appeared, as well as keeping order.

He identified one group particularly culpable (in his view) of their present sorry national decline. This group was an easy target; Jews had few defenders during their entire existence. They were not an organized nation that could defend themselves militarily. Indeed, they lived throughout the world in a scattered existence, not demonstrating any particular aggressiveness. And, of course, there were always the rich industrialists to point a finger at. Never mind that Germany was not in such terrible decline as a nation, except economically. They were saddled with debt from the war not only because of its cost but by reparations demanded by the Versailles Treaty. Absent re-investment within their borders, the resulting high unemployment fueled internal resentment. The SA applied the strong arm of intimidation to political opposition and persecution to alleged internal enemies.

Hitler appealed to national pride while promising a brighter future through real change – change in which they could all share. They were the best people; Germans could show the world the way – the way to ultimate peace and prosperity, if only the good people of Germany would allow him the chance. He was the only one who could! It is notable here that differences of opinion began to be expressed between various factions within his party. The reason he was The One is because these differences were smoothed out (!) by Hitler himself. He demanded all his followers adhere to the Fuherprincip, the Leader Principle. Opinionation just led to argument and compromise, which Hitler saw as part of the problem. The solution was for Hitler alone to speak for the party’s direction and purpose. Party members must believe in, and echo, whatever he says they believe in. Cooperation by fiat. This then became the basis of his rule as Fuhrer. He set about employing media specialists, notably one Dr. Joseph Goebbels, to drive home the message.

The techniques for speechifying have improved with the teleprompter, but Senator Barack Obama still rouses the audience, some to fainting. The mainstream media is so impressed by his delivery it sends tingles up the leg of Chris Mathews, and paroxysms of awe in Joe Klein, radical leftist “journalists”. These are two examples among the many who have swallowed whole the Obamian laments of our supposed national decline. This is defined in part by the Obama campaign as poor image abroad, economic injustice at home, brutality and murder by our fighting forces, and “ridiculous” foreign policy regarding avowed enemies.

This whole thing seems otherworldly, like some horrifying science-fiction nightmare. Orwell’s excellent 1984 was a novel. Seeing WWII film footage of NAZI’s, especially some color footage that has been recovered showing the diverse uniform colors and styles, blue skies, and green leaves brings home the fact that this actually happened in world history. Black-and-white film somehow does no justice the surreal character of the horror that was NAZI Germany, a nation of otherwise people much like us, which is the real horror The scary part is that we may be on our to the same nightmare here. What truly brought this home was that terrifying video recently made showing the school kids singing about change, all wearing T-shirts inscribed with the word “HOPE”. Would anyone care for a generous helping of Hitler Youth? So it began.

Okay, I promised to bring this home. Enough chorus, on to the coda.

I submit the new version of the SA is the mainstream media. Overtly swearing allegiance to Obama, the MSM attacks anyone who attacks him, echoes Obama’s use of class warfare, charges racism at every opportunity, excuses Obama’s faults and refuses impersonal analysis – these are not the tactics of a detached and objective media but that of propagandist thuggery. When no longer able to sustain a controversial position, the Senator from Illinois reverses himself, sort of. He cannot be accused of flip-flopping because charging him with inconsistency is off-message. Exchange evangelicals for Jews; sub-prime lending to unqualified buyers for invasion of the Sudetenland, to obtain “living room”; confiscation of wealth from “the rich” for invasion of Russia, to obtain more resources; association with unsavory characters for the nuts around the dictator, and you have…the here and now.

The Senator of Illinois takes criticism as a personal affront, demanding satisfaction. Witness the number of times he said in the latest debate “I’d like to respond to that” and “let me correct Senator McCain’s record”. The spin in the aftermath is an Obama victory, an outcome that was pre-determined. Instead of pointing out the constant pettiness, rhetorical lawyerly misdirection – even the refusal to abide by the rules he himself approved, the media exhibits a slavish devotion to an inexperienced, unqualified, dangerous ideologue. So it was with the soon-to-be permanent president of Germany circa 1933.

Everyone searches for direction in life. The direction chosen by the now Senator Barack Obama, Democrat-Illinois, and Democrat presidential candidate, was to enter law school and subsequently effect change through community action, thus beginning as a “community organizer”. Change from…what? Seeing poverty everywhere in the black community, he saw the only way out of destitution for his fellow racial members as…what? Where possible, sue the entity that caused it? Some entity prevented blacks from achieving success? What entity would that be? Apparently, cabals of evil whites, both in government and the private sectors, sitting in back rooms plotting ways to keep blacks in poverty. To what end? Oh, that’s right…because they “look” different. So do Orientals; does that prevent us from doing business with them? Or is it so the evil whites can have more for themselves? Is the whole world not big enough for all of us? (Thanks to my father for that line; R.I.P.) This appears to be the message he received from his “like an uncle” role-model, the Reverend Jeremiah White. I use the word “Reverend” advisedly. That title has been bestowed upon him by some authority that can do so…not that God called a hate-spewing race-monger to preach in His Church.
Democrats in both Houses of Congress, the mendacious mainstream media, most of the internet, all are aligned behind Obama. One voice…and one leader. He is the Only One Who can fight against – the rich (as in Hitler’s Jews), confiscating their ill-gotten gains and redistributing to – the oppressed; the poor and that ill clothed, ill-housed, medically ill middle class that need His Leadership. The Only One Who can bring peace and promote democracy; we just have to sit down and talk to these people by – well, sitting down and talking. The Only One Who can – heal the planet, cause the oceans to recede (part?), clean the skies, and eliminate climate change (so, not all change is good?) by sitting down with scientists and…well, sitting down seems to be the key to solving all problems here. Fans of musical chairs, take note.

It is nothing less than painful to think so many American citizens unquestionably support such a person for President of the United States, a position that is de-facto leader of the free world. The President takes an oath to defend the Constitution. Senator Obama is said to have taught constitutional law at Harvard. His students must be pitied. His words and deeds indicate he wishes to use that worthy document as a club against those who he feels personally affronted by rather than a communal promise that must be adhered to.

May God help us say, “not again”.

Eddie Clements

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