Is Obama Capable Of Truth

By: Ken Hughes

Each day News gathering reporters as opposed to news reading pseudo reporters on TV are reporting some rather frightening things about Obama. We’re hearing new and questionable things in Obama’s past that is scaring the hell out of thinking voters. Obama is very careful not to personally deny any of these allegations. His surrogates do the denying for him, usually by suggesting anything said opposing Obama is racist. America doesn’t need or want a Black President, most would be comfortable with a black person as president who didn’t use race to try to divide the voters the way the Obama camp is doing. If Obama wants to be president he has to convince the majority of voters he’s going to be president for all the people not just those liberals chose to benefit.

Barack Obama stands in stark contrast for everything America is about. 516 years ago this month a small group of men stepped off three ships onto a small island in what would become know as the New World. Men and women have been coming in droves to this new world ever since. They come for one reason only, freedom from oppressive government regulations in their native countries. The opportunities in the United States are so inviting many come without permission willing to suffer any consequences should they get caught. Now we have a presidential candidate [Barack Obama] who’s threatening to change the America we all know and love to match many of the countries these immigrants are escaping from. Communism proved to be a failed ideology, now those same advocates of communism are converting to socialism the small [c] version of communism. Barack Obama has become the small “c” communist voice in America.

There are still those in this world who have yet to accept the individual’s right to personal freedom and the personal pursuit of opportunity. They believe in an aristocracy where the elitists have the right to dictate to the masses.

Nowhere in this country is this attitude more prevalent than among the Washingtonians? Obama and McCain are right the country cries for change, not the change they’re advocating. The country cries for a change of those running the country and the bureaucrats who are responsible to no one other than their own ilk.

The votes have had a year to critique Obama’s idea of change. When it finally downs on him he’s on the wrong side of public opinion he changes to meet their challenge. When Barack Obama announced his intention to run for president in [terrorist] Bill Ayres living room his platform was extreme and radical. It could have been taken from a Hugo Chavez speech. Obama made no excuses for his intention to turn America into a socialist country. Now little more than a year later he’s become a true market economy convert.
How do we know what’s in the real Obama’s mind when he himself doesn’t know. Obama has some serious flaws in his character he started an extreme liberal and now he talks like a conservative more than a liberal. As a life long Republican I can say go home Senator Obama we Republicans don’t want you.

The Media is beginning to report some serious indiscretions regarding finances in the Obama campaign. He’s accepted donations from Palestinian terrorists. His internet donations are laced with fraud. Some homeless admit to having been paid and having been registered hundreds of times each. Both the Obama campaign and Acorn are currently under investigation by the FBI for voter fraud.

To say Obama is a lyre a cheat and a thief is an understatement. Barack Obama will do and say anything to win this election and that could be what keeps him from it. The American public are smarter than Obama seems to give them credit for. Americans may act like sheep, when it comes time for the slaughter they come alive and resist.

Americans are not a perfect people but there are none more perfect.

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