A Vote for Obama is a Vote for….

By: Jim Byrd

Casting a vote for Obama is not as simple as just voting him into office. You are voting into office all the radical, Un-American supporters behind him, with him, and around him, who only fifty years or so ago would be in prison for their actions. You are voting for a broken Democrat Congress. To vote for Obama simply because you don’t like McCain, is not a vote for one candidate or the other. A vote for Obama because the thought of Palin being a heartbeat away from the Presidency will only get you the ensuing list.

John McCain is not a traditional conservative, nor should he be taken seriously as one, he is what we, the conservative voters, were presented with. But he will be the only one of the two candidates that will preserve the principles this country was founded upon. Sadly, this is a vote for preservation rather than a vote for direction.

Sarah Palin is an unknown. She is more conservative than John McCain, and seems, according to her record, less likely to stray from conservative principles than McCain. Of the four candidates on the ticket, she is the only one with a proven, albeit short, track record of actually implementing change, rather than just using it as a political talking point. The voters who fear her ascending to the presidency cannot articulate one reasonable example of what she is capable of doing that would frighten them–unless the voter is on the left, and fears morality and principles in a Commander in Chief –then they should shake with fear.

As with Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, below you will be presented with the Ghost of Obama Past, the Ghost of Obama Present, and the Ghost of Obama Yet to Come.

ACORN and all the voter fraud and Mafioso tactics they have used to undermine our elections processes, and their part in the collapse of the financial markets.

William Ayers a domestic terrorist and Obama’s friend.

Timothy McVeigh a domestic terrorist with the only difference between him and Ayers being he was more successful at terrorism.

Jeremiah Wright the anti-American, hate mongering pastor who stated, among other things, “God Damn America”, that is/was Obama and his wife’s pastor for 15 years.

Tony Rezko the recently convicted felon who used millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money, given to him by Obama, to build sub-standard housing for the poor that had to be condemned after just a few years. And who also just so happened to be involved in finding Obama’s mansion at a very reduced price across the street from him, and helping Obama procure part of the lot next door that his wife just so happened to own.

Karl Marx author of the Communist Manifesto, and an like Obama was, against capitalism.

Michelle Obama and her heavily documented anti-American, not being proud of this country, deportment–and a separatist ideology in the stead of the droning mantra of “a uniter” by Obama.

Morality will be supplanted by immorality at the executive level, reinforced at the Congressional level, and quite possible a majority at the Supreme Court.

Honor will be replaced with dishonor.

Socialism and all the harm it can do to a capitalist society.

Defeatism would be the United States disposition in regard to foreign policy.

Defenseless against a nuclear missile attack from foreign powers with Obama’s cutting off of funding and dismantling of the Missile Defense Shield.

Weak Military during an ever evolving nuclear world by cutting spending to the military.

Hate being the fuel of the left in their opposition to the other side.

Far Left Radicals of any group or organization.

Exodus of Businesses leaving the U.S. due to an increasingly hostile environment.

Wall Street Financial Crisis perpetuated by the very Democrats that caused it.

Guaranteed Recession
Louis Farrakhan
Nancy Pelosi
Harry Reid
Higher Taxes
Higher employment

Incessant Lying becoming the new dialog for America.

Constitution no longer relevant.

Bill of Rights no longer relevant.

Congress and its continued spiral into the abyss if the Democrats maintain their majority coupled with an unmitigated Socialist in the White House.

This is the package you are voting for when you vote for Obama. You can’t vote for him for one reason and not vote for the entire list. You would be choosing to support it all, and possibly other unnamed aberrations that come as the Obama package.

Before you cast that vote, think of everything you are voting for.

About The Author Jim Byrd:
Jim Byrd's website is A Skewed View.

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