The Bad Seed and Other Sprouts

By: Eddie Clements

We were told on a Thursday that lousy “bailout” package had to be passed pronto, or come Monday morning the world would end. By Wednesday following, it appeared reports of the world’s demise were premature, despite the original bill’s defeat and subsequent revised submission. From the stock market performance following passage of a revised Democrat Denial and Keep The Money Coming Act, the world had a relapse and now is on the “critical” list again. Did some idiot staffer drop a decimal and only printed 70 billion one dollar bills instead of tens? What the buggery bollocks is going on?

And what’s up with this ACORN thing? The original bill contained a provision to funnel money to a Democrat National Committee subsidiary, ACORN, which illegally registers sports teams, the deceased, and Alice in Wonderland characters in all states for the DNC’s Vote of the Living Dead initiative. When The White Rabbit showed up to vote early in Ohio with its significant other, the recalcitrant campaign observer, with twisted irony, ask WR to pull a picture ID out of The Mad Hatter’s chapeau. In a fit of indignation, the Obama campaign questioned why campaign observers were even necessary. Why not just let everyone mail it in?

The above is no more absurd than the Congress of the United States attempting to fund an organization with numerous criminal allegations. ACORN has been indicted and convicted of fraudulent activities more than once. So, what did Congress know about this and when did they know it? Sure as bread falls butter side down, if they had so much as a whiff of affiliation with Republicans, they would have been tried, convicted and sentence-recommended by the mendacious media (MM – with thanks to Ann Coulter for that great phrase during a session with Neil Cavuto. It is much better than mainstream media, MSM, which implies some measure of legitimacy. The MM, composed of NY Times, Boston Globe, LA Times, Time magazine, Newsweek, not believable.) I hope someone has the genitalia to crack this ACORN before they steal this election.

Look, we all know the underpinnings of kid-glove treatment of these frauds, who have direct ties to Senator and Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama, and the reluctance to even examine (read: excuse) them by the press: the organization is largely run and staffed by African-Americans, if film shots of them on TV news is any guide. If I’m wrong, fine, but that’s the point: it should not matter. What matters to these spineless Democrats is that they are not called racists. All they have to say is, “Look, you committed crimes. Whine all you want about racism; if you don’t wanna do the time, don’t do the crime”. Finis.

Thus we are left with only one conclusion: Democrats attempted to recruit a criminal organization to defraud the American public for years to come, using the “emergency” nature of the bailout bill for cover, hoping by the time anyone notices, it will be too late. This will not come out in the MM; they are too busy sucking their thumbs in the fetal position over Obama’s ties to ACORN. They’re saying “This one is going to be tight; how can we help him escape?” Same way you did with all those murderers of policeman; claim injustice and enlist Mike Farrell’s help. He’s a useful idiot at times like these.

The Democrat Party’s turn to neo-Communism has been completed with this economic debacle. The money offered by subversive donors has been too great for these vile thralls of the left to refuse. “Just say no” to people who want to overthrow the country by ballot instead of bullet is not in their repertoire. Today’s Democrats are more closely akin to Europe’s Social Democrats than any Democratic Party of American tradition. The use of the term Democrat Party here is intentional to show that difference. There is nothing “democratic” about this political party; they are in fact despotic. I know Rush has waxed eloquent about this, about the time I was thinking it independently. Doesn’t matter who says it; it needs constant repetition. They continue to call themselves The Democratic Party despite all evidence to the contrary. My old Random House Dictionary defines “democratic” as “characterized by the principle of political or social equality for all”.

They tried to pass a bill financing a criminal organization, hardly an act describable as democratic.

Blaming the opposition minority party for causing the economic conditions making the bill necessary but presenting no evidence in support of same allegations is not democratic.

Presenting a $700 billion to lawmakers without a chance for discussion of its contents and saying “sign here, hurry!” is not democratic.

The Senate Majority Leader looking into a camera a telling bald-faced lies is not democratic.

The Speaker of the House using minutes on the floor to make a partisan speech against people whose votes she needs is basically a threat, not a democratic act.

The deliciously perverse and demonic Barney Frank, Democrat-Massachusetts, denying any responsibility for a GSE his House committee regulates, or at least influences, which then goes bust, is not democratic. He might argue, being a lawyer, “Social justice by your own definition is what was attempted by these sub-prime loans.”

No, counselor, read the definition carefully; it ends with “FOR ALL”. The lenders who went bust, retirees who lost value, and asset holders everywhere in the world are not feeling a warm fuzzy over this sordid attempt at “social equality”.

Frank is a criminal that just won’t or can’t be charged. He can be held accountable, but won’t be by the voters in the state that is supposed to have the highest educational level in the U.S. The Congressman will continue to spread more poison.

The MM is currently absorbed awaiting the report from Alaska opining whether or not she acted improperly in firing a department head. These managers serve at the pleasure of the governor in almost all states. In the action was improper, the worst that would happen is re-instatement, but not as a manager. Meanwhile, ACORN’s tactics of intimidating bank managers at their private residences to offer loans to unqualified buyers, leading directly to the current financial quagmire, and Obama’s connection to that organization, is not questioned or even examined.

Can somebody present a coherent argument that the U.S. political process and/or MM has not gone completely haywire?

Eddie Clements

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