Congress Has Some Explaining To Do

By: Ken Hughes

Two men are running for the House of Representatives in my district, neither the incumbent nor the challenger are admitting their political affiliation. This is a good indication congress knows they’re in trouble with the voters. What should happen and probably will happen is a lot of old incumbent congress persons will be replaced with new faces. That could turn out to be a good thing if there are enough of them to take on the Washington elite. In 1994 when there was a shake up in the house there weren’t enough new members elected to sustain a serious change and these new members who were elected to the house became corrupted in order to remain in congress.

Congress just charged 700 billion dollars to the public credit card without asking permission. Congressmen like Barney Frank went before the TV cameras and lied about his involvement in the collapse of Fannie May and Freddy Mack. Nor have these congress persons disclosed their financial investments in these two originations. We know the Pelosi family was into Fannie May for 500,000 shares of stock. The question is did Pelosi get out before the collapse? How many other congress persons were forewarned the wheels were about to come off these two investment giants and were given advance warning to bail in time to save their As*es.

Over the years the publics had many reasons not to trust congress, however nothing at the rate of 700 billion dollars approved without any input from the public. The 110th congress has been brought to their knees by public opinion on three separate accusations, once when the immigration bill failed, second when they were forced to back down on off shore drilling and now when they are about to feel the results of the 700 billion dollar bailout.

As any responsible parent will tell their children “You can use the credit card but you can’t run hog wild on a spending spree.” This is precisely what congress has done for the past eight years. Why, because they have someone else to blame President Bush. Even though presidents don’t have any authority to spend the public’s money, only congress can do that. Sad that it is that American history and the constitution are elective subjects in today’s schools.

For as little difference as there is between Barack Obama and John McCain there is even less difference between Democratic and Republican congress persons. The public stood by the past 75 years and allowed congress to strip constitutional rights from our daily lives. Liberal congress persons claim social engineering is for the greater good. Social engineering and greater good are words not found in the constitution. The phrase most frequently used is “Majority Rule” This country has national elections every two years not for the purpose of candidates campaigning to attract votes as much as for the candidates to interact with the voters for voter input. We are a government of the people and the people should have a say in what congress does with our government.

It hasn’t been until recently the public’s been advised of all the facts. This new awareness came about due to the popularity of the internet. This new wave of citizen journalism in many cases may be questionable but anyone capable of a clear though can judge fact from fiction those who can’t shouldn’t count. The world is living in the greatest information age in history. The immediate challenge is to remove those who don’t get it for those who do and in America that should begin with congress.

A few years ago a Bordello [The Bunny Ranch] outside Las Vegas Nevada filed bankruptcy owing the IRS millions. The government decided to run the whorehouse in order to recoup its losses. The government failed and the whorehouse under government management lost even more money. If the government can’t sell sex how the hell are they going to run a bank? There’s been many reasons the government stayed out of commercial ventures the main one being they always over regulate everything they get involved in. Over regulation is a pariah on the free enterprise systems successes. When bureaucrats become involved they overspend, over manage and in general overindulge in everything they do. It’s all those overages that eventually bring down commercial projects the government gets involved in.

Now is the time to send all those congress persons home who’ve been ripping the public off for the past quarter century or less depending who they are and how long they’ve been there. Let’s make a new start in 2009 with new responsible congress persons regardless of party gender or sexual orientation. Lets get those old-timers the hell out of Dodge.

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