Just another Election or a Fight for the Soul of a Nation

By: Rev. Bresciani

Not everyone who can’t see is blind. Even with 20/20 vision a person or an entire nation can have their attention diverted away from what they should be seeing. In America we are focusing on our economy and ignoring the other areas of our national life. Unfortunately in many of those areas we are already totally bankrupt.

Jesus said “For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind.” (Jn 9:41)

After forty years as a believer I have seen these words tested and proved countless times. Never more than today have I seen so many people who can’t seem to see even when the facts or the proof is directly in front of them. Wholesale blindness is more than a condition in the last days it is a prophetic promise and it is what precipitates the rise of all the last days’ characters like the antichrist, the false prophet and the host of participants who are engaged in a global deception that ends in Armageddon.

We are fast approaching the hour of decision in the US even as the split between the far left and common conservatism takes center stage. The high priests of economics have joined forces with Hollywood celeb’s and perennial malcontents’ to blame it all on the out going administration, the GOP or conservatism in general.

Is it time for America to cast down the free market system, lean on government for sustenance and entitlement in a socialistic big brother takes care of everything kind of system? The answer to that has to do with the timing and near fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

In September of 1939 Adolph Hitler pulled the world into the Second World War with the invasion of Poland. In 2009 America will have a new president and Europe will be only months away from ratifying the Lisbon Treaty which will result in the election of a president and vice president with powers much like those of our own executive branch. That’s an even seventy years.

Biblical numerology is nothing that should be used exclusively to guide anyone but it reveals certain patterns and shows something about the way God does things. Those patterns have all been time tested and are worthy of note.

Seventy members of Jacobs’s family traveled to Egypt during the famine and became a nation after a 400 year period. Seventy elders were chosen to help Moses guide the newly formed Hebrew nation that roamed the wilderness. The very first evangelists ever sent out to preach the gospel were sent in two man groups and totaled seventy in all.

The most interesting occurrence of the number seventy is perhaps the most precise prophecy in scripture. “Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.” Daniel 9:24.

The week of years was common to the ancient Hebrews. In the case of Daniel 9:24 the seventy weeks of years was a promise that all prophecy would be fulfilled at the finish of those years. All but seven years or the last week of that prophecy has already passed.

Of the 490 years promised to fulfill all prophecy the first 483 were fulfilled between the rebuilding of the city and the wall of Jerusalem under the auspices of Persian King Artaxerxes and went to the time of Christ’s crucifixion, a period of exactly 483 years.

The time between the 483 years and the remaining seven years is called the ‘parenthetical’ age or the ‘church’ age. Some theologians call it the ‘mystery’ age because it wasn’t seen by any of the ancient prophets. It is that period between the first and second coming of Christ. What is it for? This is the time of gathering out a people who will live forever with the redeemer, they are called by faith out of an unbelieving world, and they are the wheat among the tares.

The remaining seven years are to be fulfilled when Israel is a nation again; the antichrist will rise to power in the same general geographical area as the old Roman Empire (the EU) and near to the time when the Jews are once again making sacrificial offerings in a rebuilt temple. He will be aided by the false prophet who it seems rules over an entirely different nation, which is more than likely going to be America. With the exception of the rebuilt temple even a novice could recognize that this is our world today.

Those remaining seven years are often referred to as “The Great Tribulation” and will be the most troubled time in the history of our world. According to Christ no one would be left living if God did not shorten those days. (Mt 24:22) How does he shorten those days, he shows up in person and puts an end to the rule of man. Once again the return of Christ is not the end of the world; rather it is only the end of the world as we now know it.

The only significance that the last seventy years of American history may have is that it falls into a common period of decline. When the golden age of Israel ended and the times of the Gentiles began the Israelites had been held captive to the Babylonian Empire and the Persian Empire for a period of seventy years as the Prophet Jeremiah said they would be. It took a full seventy years to correct or more succinctly to ‘humble’ Israel and bring them back to a useful state in the scheme of things.

For America it seems to be in reverse. America was at the peak of its moral strength and power at about the start of the Second World War. It was a revered nation and an example for the entire world. It has steadily declined in moral strength even while becoming a military power.

Secularist will never understand that in God’s economy our moral strength is our only strength. The power of our military has no weight at all in God’s view of us as a nation. The term “superpower” is almost laughable and to many in Europe and the rest of the world we are fast becoming a “supersleaze.” This is not mockery against America it is only as Walter Cronkite used to say “the way it is.”

Although Christ strictly warned that no man would know the exact day or the hour of his return he also warned that we would see when summer was nigh by the combining of all the signs in a single generation of time. (Mt 24:32) It is interesting that he chose the summer season to describe the events of the last days. The events of the last day’s heat to a fever pitch and for a world bent on the latest ‘hot’ thing it will be far more searing than anyone has bargained for.

Over a forty year period I have been asked countless times about my own personal timetable or interpretation of the last day’s events. I have never changed in all that time. Four decades ago I gave the same estimate I give today. I have always believed that most of the events of the last days would occur around the year 2000 with a 7 to 20 year buffer. As the days progress I see I am right on track but my sense of urgency has increased exponentially.

Because only a very few pieces of the puzzle yet remain to be fulfilled it is like a roaring train that no one can stop, even worse, not many see it coming!

In both my ministry and the mission statement on my website I have been committed to informing my readers about the prospective candidates for this nation’s highest office. In the end it is up to Americans who they decide upon and no one can interfere with that, including me. I feel compelled to share my strongest feelings as a servant of the Lord which is a duty I could no more avoid than I could stop the incoming of the tide.

With Sen. John McCain and Sarah Palin I see a possible reprieve for the country; a sort of grace period in which things could change for the better. No, they are not America’s saviors but they have never purported to be. What we have is an old soldier who has proven his loyalty to America in a way few of us will ever be asked to do. He isn’t perfect but his intentions are clear and his experience has fully prepped him for the job. Sarah Palin is a model American woman that we can be proud of and her sensibilities and her devotion to America are beyond question.

I talked with a political volunteer who worked in Bill Clinton’s campaign who said that when he met Bill he was struck by his attractive personality. He said “it was impossible not to like him.” I have never met Barack Obama and I know of no one who has personally met him but I would imagine that he is also a very personable and likable person. Sadly in my opinion that is where it ends. I don’t think he has much to offer the nation. In fact I believe that he would do irreparable harm to America through his liberal policies and his vision for the country.

As a life long student of eschatology (second coming doctrine) and a man called to broadcast God’s prophetic warnings I can also say no one in modern times has created more trepidation in me than Sen. Obama.

Just as I take seriously Christ’s warning not to name dates and times about the second coming, I am also cautious about naming who may or may not be one of the characters that emerge in the last days. I have no specific revelation at this moment but I can’t fight off the inclination to believe that if their was a person alive today that looks more like the false prophet spoken of in the Bible; it is Barack Obama.

His past associations, the lies that are emerging and his inexperience are all clues; but the worst is his devotion to all that is liberal and in violent opposition to the founding principles of this country.

These doubts are further amplified by the timing of all the other second coming prophecies now being fulfilled in this generation. It is time for the rise of the antichrist. Shortly after Europe fully forms he will be revealed. The false prophet who aides him must also either be in power or on the rise.

Watching the candidates is only a small part of the ministry of a seer. He or she must also watch the nation. What are Americans feeling, saying and doing with all they have and with all they are? Observation is one of the hallmarks of a prophet not just telling the future. A prophet who doesn’t know what’s going on in his own nation doesn’t deserve to speak to that nation.

The truth is it takes no prophet to see the steady decline America has been in for decades now; it only takes a prophet to tell the outcome of it all. While many Americans are in a panic about the economy the worst part may be slipping past their notice. A ‘change’ in the White House will have little effect if there is no change in the general citizenry. It is up to us more than we know!

While we ponder the floundering stock market, mortgage woes and financial losses consider this. If the bottom fell out of everything tomorrow you may have lost very little. Christ said it this way, “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Mt 16:26) One soul is loss enough; America is in a fight for the very soul of a nation.

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