Tax You, Tax Me, Tax That Plumber Behind That Tree

By: Eddie Clements

Anybody who thinks the pen is mightier than the sword has never brought a pen to a sword-fight. Recall that in Iraq innocents’ heads were not removed with pens. A pen-wielding MSM and worldwide press have only used their weapons against President Bush, not the Islamofascists. Come to think of it, they have effectively removed the President’s head writing hate-opinion, so maybe there’s something to that pen thing. Maybe it just depends on the context.

An excellent article was posted on this forum about John Lewis’ hate-opinion, exposing his reflexive charge of racism as baseless. It turns out the alleged offensive words “kill him”, supposedly directed at Senator Barack Obama and begetting the racism charge, were not said. No doubt the supplicating DNC-based media will profusely apologize for their erroneous reporting and broadcast a 60-Minutes special on why the media checks on a mother’s love (if they say your mother loves you, check on it, is a journalist’s saying) but not alleged threats to peoples’ lives. Again, it’s the context: no one has ever verifiably shouted “kill him”, meaning President Bush, at Democrat political speeches denouncing the War on Terror? Only Republican gatherings, especially conservative, attract such attention.

So we’re back to the media, and why not? They are suuuch biiiig TARGETS! I mean, they oughtta replace those little corner logos with bulls-eyes! Reports abound that conservatives are “fed up”, among other phrases, with the cloying bias exhibited in favor of Democrats by the drive-by media. Fans of accuracy and truth can dredge up page after page of inaccuracy and obvious liberal slant by the MSM. They’re barely even fun anymore.

Why, then, is there no repentance, not the slightest hint of remorse over their intellectual impoverishment? Are they that stupid? I mean, besides Keith Olberman and Chris Mathews, of course. The only explanation can be that this is a directed, purposeful strategy by the MSM to elect people they approve of, and marginalize those who don’t.

Here we go, conspiracy theories again. Well, there is more proof to media bias than for the Theory of Evolution. Full disclosure: I am a geologist, and believe in evolution because of empirical evidence. However, absolute proof demands millions of years. Empirical evidence for media bias can be gathered in about fifteen minutes.

When McCain was a “maverick” bashing Republicans, he was on Sunday morning talk shows more often than some advertisements. On those comparison segments, CNN’s idea of “different perspective” is a liberal from the Washington Post, paired against another liberal from Newsweek. The latest brainwash to come out has been this “election over” mantra to try and get McCain backers to give up. Thanks, but the McCain campaign has been doing a pretty good job of that without outside help.

There may be a pause in that disingenuous detritus, however: enter the man with the literal monkey wrench to gum up their smooth slide into socialism, “Joe the Plumber”. Well, he may not really be a plumber, since he apparently doesn’t have a piece of paper from the state saying he’s one, according to Fox News. Anyway, like Sarah Palin, they can’t figure Joe out. A (potential) small business owner who doesn’t want to pay more taxes? Isn’t he a patriot? Oh, right, Biden….yeah, OK. Doesn’t he understand? We’re in a financial crisis! We need that extra money to help pay for the illegal aliens, pregnant single moms, alternative fuel research, ACORN…woops…I did it again?

Senator Barack Obama, Democrat Who Came from Nowhere, unzipped his figurative fly for all to see when Joe asked him about taxes. Exposing his political self on-camera, he says the wealth he plans to take from everyone who works and earns it, like Joe, should be “spread around” to those who don’t. I wish Joe would have replied right then and there, “Hey, if they need money, they need to get jobs, from employers who create wealth and not a handout from governments who confiscate it!” But, that’s me; Joe seems more polite.

To the drive-bys, not paying taxes is just crazy…if it’s us. How much tax is Katie Couric paying on her whopping salary? Does she “step up”, as Senator Joe Blowhard put it? How “patriotic” is Couric, in Biden’s estimate? Does she have any tax shelters, tax attorneys…a Certified Public Accountant to lower her tax liability? Who does her taxes? Do you think she will make that information available? Is the Pope Jewish?

Is she chauffeured to work in a stretch limo, or a Prius? What does she pay her hired help? Does she provide them health benefits or pension plan? Has she ever fired one of no doubt considerable number of underlings for not being perky enough? For not dusting the top of the picture frames or polishing the silverware shiny enough? Look, normally we don’t resent anyone’s wealth or position or grabbing the brass ring; what we resent is people who don’t want Joe and millions more like him to do it. It’s the classic “I got mine; keep your distance”. If Couric and her ilk were really as compassionate as they claim, really wanted the country’s wealth to grow, and stood up for “the little guy” like they pretend, they would be encouraging more people to go for it. We can’t tax our way to prosperity.

We also cannot continue with a MSM that refuses to recognize inconvenient facts, unless socialism becomes supreme. Then, NBC can be nationalized like it evidently wants to be and they can freely spout the Party line. Who needs facts when ideology makes it so much easier?

Gotta get ready for my pen-fighting lesson.

Eddie Clements

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