The Arrogance of Hate Part I

By: Guest Authors

How and Why Barack Obama’s Lifelong Immersion in Extreme Socialist Ideology Has Shaped His Worldview and His Agenda for Our Country

By Chad MacINNES

Part I: Introduction

Barack Obama, a virtual unknown until 2004 when he was invited to give a prime-time address at the Democrat National Convention in Boston, has shot to the forefront of the national political scene and become the quintessential political “rock-star” almost overnight. His is a compelling and historical candidacy of firsts, not the least significant of these being that he is the first African-American to win the nomination of a major political party for President of the United States. But the flip side is that Obama’s candidacy is also a first in some questionable ways. For instance, there has never been, in the history of this nation, a candidate for the highest office in the land who has simply come out of nowhere and so quickly and successfully captured national attention and approval and yet accomplished this without revealing who he is or, with the glaring exception of a few hot button issues, what he believes. We know disturbingly little about Senator Barack Obama, and as time goes on it becomes all the more clear that this is not by accident.

Indeed, there is so little in the way of writings (none) wherein he divulges his true thoughts and opinions on divers political matters as to allow potential supporters and voters to come to a full and well-rounded understanding of the “real” Obama that the initial researchers, journalists and anyone wanting to gain an in depth understanding of who this man is and what he believes at his core must resort to combing through news paper stories and articles previously written about him; and, for the most dedicated, this also meant the necessity of travel to the four corners of the globe to track down and interview those people with whom Obama spent the various period of his life. This author is most grateful to those who have undertaken such difficult and grueling work, because that work has come at a price.

Those who first began researching Senator Barack Obama to report on his life, his beliefs, where he has been and what he has done and said have at first had to largely rely upon the works penned by Obama himself: Dreams of My Father, The Audacity of Hope, and Change We Can Believe In, Obama’s campaign-plan for fundamentally changing America. Initially authors were heavily reliant upon these works while digging into Obama’s past to find something, anything, to corroborate Obama’s version of his life.

What these first intrepid investigators found was very interesting, if not disturbing. In many cases they found seemingly contradictory evidence from what Obama himself has claimed, but what is most alarming is that in many, if not most cases, they either found nothing – as in absolutely nothing to either contradict or affirm Obama’s version and claims; or, they found themselves completely stonewalled by Obama supporters and even staff at the various institutions where they were conducting their journalistic investigations. Of course no one the mainstream media would want to look any deeper into “fringe” and “conspiratorial” journalists claims of a cover-up by Obama’s people and campaign, and yet the harder researchers push the more we see that the depth and scope of this cover-up boggles the mind.

As if that were not disturbing enough in and of itself, the evidence that was being uncovered by researchers who sought out those who were Obama’s acquaintances and friends, who dug into his family life and began to ask what would otherwise be normal questions, were viciously and ferociously attacked when they printed their findings. And many of those findings are very disturbing. And as one compares the evidence of his early life and formative years with his young adulthood, college days, law school, community organizing and eventually politics, a pattern emerges of a man who was from his very earliest days steeped heavily in extreme socialist ideology of the “radical-on-the-fringe-of-society variety,” and who took great pains and went to great extremes to not leave any sort of trail that would reveal his true self and his true intentions.

In fact, it could be said that Barack Obama, in the sense of carefully choosing what he has said and how he said it throughout his adult life, has arguably out-Clintoned Bill Clinton, an undisputed master of the science of political doublespeak. Indeed, Obama has not merely been careful to the extreme about not letting on to what he really thinks and believes by the cautious use of vague language, but he has also been deliberately deceptive in many instances so as to purposefully mislead the public into assuming that he is saying he believes one thing while all the evidence of research reveals something entirely different.

As the subtitle of this piece suggests, Barack Obama has been immersed in the extremes of socialist ideology from his earliest years, and it is this very ideology that has determined and shaped precisely who Barack Obama is, what he believes, what he would do and how he would govern if elected President of the United States. It is a sobering if not fearful assessment of the man.

While his vagaries served him well during his earlier years, in college and even at Harvard Law, once he entered into the radical world of “community organizing” and social agitation, and then into politics, Obama’s ability to deliberately avoid leaving a paper trail became largely diminished, much to his dismay to be sure. One need at that point only to research the news articles written about him or his policies and votes, to look into those organizations with which he was employed, and to dig into his personal and political associations in order to formulate an accurate image of who and what Barack Obama is. It is not a pretty picture.

The image that emerges is one of a man whose extreme version of socialist ideology, radical belief system totally anathema to that of mainstream America, and radical associations to controversial and dangerous people represent the core of who this man is. It is the image of a man who long ago make the conscious decision to advance his beliefs and career by employing the Marxian the motto, “the ends justify the means.” This is the image of a man who will do or say whatever it takes to further his agenda, and having masterfully defined the parameters of debate as well as the field of play such that he could be the one to define himself, all he really needs is willing accomplices to carry out his designs which, thanks to his adoring fans and rabid recruiting machine in the mainstream media, he now has millions of.

These Obama fans constitute an adoring army that will bark on command to refute rock-solid evidence that Obama is far from the prophet of hope and change he purports to be. In fact, in true “Alinskyesque” fashion, the Obama website even has a section on his website called “Fight the Smears. Help push back on the false and divisive methods of our opponents. Spread the truth.” Ah, yes, and the truth shall set you free. Through this section of the Obama website he instructs his army of rabid progressives to assault any attempts to portray Senator Obama as anything other than the beneficent One for whom the world has been waiting with overwhelming force, shock and awe. For example, the site lists “smears and lies” and instructs the faithful on how to combat them, for example by calling into right-wing radio shows and tying up the phone lines when controversial anti-Obama guests will be on.

Because there was, and by the standards used to gauge most politicians on the national scene still is, so little evidence to help one to formulate an accurate image of him in the sense of being able to know about and see and assess every aspect and detail of his life, there have naturally been many attacks that have been debunked, and rightfully so, for no man or woman ought to be smeared or slandered with labels that are untrue. However, the fact remains that Barack Obama is a contradiction, a dichotomy who, to appropriately paraphrase Karl Marx, operates as a mole moving beneath the surface while leaving no trace on the surface of his direction or true intent.

Chad MacINNES is an independent conservative author who originally hails from Massachusetts and is now living in Orlando Florida with his wife and children. He is a former pilot for a large US carrier, a former police officer and a veteran of the US Army where, incidentally, he was cured of his disordered liberalism. He has studied politics and government, international relations, philosophy and theology. His blog may be found at Chad is a frequent contributor to and may be contacted via email at He is presently working on his first book, “The Next Republic,” a political, societal and economic analysis of the threat to individual liberty in America and what must be done to restore it.

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