Coming In On A Wing and A Prayer

By: Jack L. Key

England, 1943. In the cold, gray overcast you could barely see the wet concrete that closed on infinity and was the runway for the American aircraft that were conducting the bombing raids over Germany in WW II. Worried eyes scanned the dreary skies for any sight of the overdue airplanes. Where were they now? How many were lost? Will any come back home? Hope and faith were the sustaining strengths for those who waited.

That is how Harold Adamson and Jimmy McHugh must have felt when they had the inspiration to write the famous song of that terrible time, “Comin’ In On A Wing and A Prayer.” The song tells of a damaged B-17 bomber, heavily damaged and barely able to limp back to its base on the English coast:

One of our planes was missing
Two hours overdue
One of our planes was missing
With all its gallant crew
The radio sets were humming
We waited for a word
Then a noise broke
Through the humming and this is what we heard

Comin in on a wing and a prayer
Comin in on a wing and a prayer
Though there’s one motor gone
We can still carry on
Comin in on a wing and a prayer

Surely this is how the John McCain Campaign must feel about now—the Media Mafia has already proclaimed Hussein Obama and his cronies the winner—even before the election is held! Every news show or TV channel you can turn to has references to how badly the McCain people are showing in the polls, so far behind! The liberals are laughing and giddy with their newfound power—or so they think!

I’m giving away my age here, but I remember the same media soothsayers in 1948 having Tom Dewey the presidential winner before the votes were counted! President Harry Truman beat him the next morning and had the last laugh!

Never count out a man with the courage and character of John McCain! Somehow the American people have a built-in sense about them that tells them—sometimes at the last moment—that they should vote for the best and honest man! I have that feeling about this election—simply because it is so fraudulent—that Obama will go down for the count!

I know, I know—everyone says this is not 1948, that our polls are so much better and accurate—the media is always correct in its calls. But I—and hopefully many other millions of Americans—cannot conceive of someone with the background and character of Hussein Obama to have the highest military clearance and the power to drop THE BOMB.
How can we ever hope to be led by someone who will not even tell us the truth of his birth? Of his religious and real political leanings? What he really believes about the US as a country? Something just doesn’t feel right about this man Obama.

So remember that final verse of that patriotic song:

What a show, what a fight boys
We really hit our target for tonight
How we sing as we limp through the air
Look below, there’s our field over there
With just one motor gone
We can still carry on
Comin in on a wing and a prayer

All is never lost when you know you are right, your message is clear and people can believe what you say. When your courage and strength of character has been demonstrated as John McCain has done, when your entire life has been in service to your country, and when you know you must intercede to keep our country strong and safe from those who would steal it right before our eyes.

I believe Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin are the best America can offer and will stand for us all and lead us in the right direction. I have been frustrated and sometimes disgusted by the way our Democrat citizens and their leaders have conducted themselves and the content of their campaign. But I have admired and respected the way in which Senator McCain and Governor Palin have remained steadfast and above the trash that has transpired from the other side.

Please remember on election day this November that song of the noble men and boys who gave the world back to us all those many years ago. Remember too that John McCain is made of the same stuff of the men that brought those many damaged planes home when Nazi Germany had counted them out.

B. Hussein Obama was not even born then, so how could he have the audacity to speak for them? Remember John McCain fought for America in reality, not just in words. And remember too, that America is tied forever to those men in World War Two, because ALL of us living today are respectively tied to them since that war touched every human being in our country in one way or another.

Adamson and McHugh were awarded the Certificate of Merit by President Truman for their patriotic song after the war. Hollywood also released a film of the same name in 1944.

McCain—Comin’ In On A Wing and A Prayer—A winner!

Jack L. Key Ph.D. is the author of Gideon’s Trumpet and soon to be released Cherryfields. He is a retired healthcare professional and a veteran of US Navy aviation. He writes political commentary and features articles for the Internet and print media. Contact him at : or visit

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